Spring Wild Turkey Season Begins April 24

(UNDATED) – The 2019 Spring Wild Turkey season begins April 24 and runs through May 12.

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Youth Spring Wild Turkey season is April 20-21. For licensing and regulations, check out the hunting guide.
You can buy your license online or at your local retailer.
According to DNR Wildlife Biologist, Steve Backs says hunters harvested 11,306 wild turkeys in 92 of 92 Indiana counties during the 2018 spring season.
The 2018 spring harvest was a 13 percent decrease from the 2017 spring harvest of 13,069. Spring harvests decreased in 65 counties with 22 counties exceeding 200 birds compared to 30 in 2017.
Most birds were harvested in the early part of the season and the early morning hours. A total of 1,097 birds (10 percent of total harvest) was taken during the youth-only weekend prior to the regular season.
The proportion of juveniles in the spring harvest was 15 percent with 38 percent 2-year-olds, and 47 percent ≥ 3 year-olds.
All regions had proportional decreases in harvests ranging from -6 percent in the North to -25 percent in South-central
Indiana. The estimated number of hunters afield was 58,916 in 2018 with an estimated hunter success of 19 percent.
Getting access to a quality hunting spot is one of the hardest parts of any hunter, especially for a novice who doesn’t own land. Though there are a large number of public hunting areas across Indiana, a choice spot to which only a few people have access is something that most hunters strive for. Access to someone’s land is a privilege that can be difficult to earn and should be respected. Officials reminded hunters to get permission when hunting on private property.
Looking for a place to hunt – check out the Where To Hunt map.