Bloomington Police Department Mobile Field Office To Provide On-Site Assistance, Emergency Operations

(BLOOMINGTON) – The Bloomington Police Department has taken delivery of a mobile field office that will provide public safety assistance at major events.

Funded in the 2019 budget through the Public Safety Local Income Tax and approved by a vote of the Common Council, the 32-foot panel truck can also serve as a mobile center of operations in the event of a natural disaster or major crime scene. The field office will serve as a recognizable assistance center at large events throughout the year, including sporting events, Taste of Bloomington, the Lotus Festival, and this weekend’s Little 500 race, where it will make its debut.
“Much of what we do as public safety officers are providing services to our residents,” said Bloomington Police Chief Mike Diekhoff. “This mobile field office will allow us to have a readily identifiable presence at community events so that folks know where to get information or help if they need it. In case of an emergency, this vehicle will allow us to operate without interruption to restore safety.”
The vehicle is equipped with technology that allows the BPD to access records and maintain internal and external communications. Normally staffed by at least two people, the vehicle will accommodate up to nine people in a small conference area and an additional three or four staff in the rear radio control center. With floodlights, a radio system, wireless internet, cameras, and an externally mounted video monitor, the mobile field office can serve as an information and assistance hub at major events, in search and rescue operations, and in emergencies.