Stormwater And Flooding Issues Dominate Oolitic Town Council Meeting

(OOLITIC) – Oolitic residents along Milwaukee, Nikirk, and Smith avenues addressed concerns on drainage issues and stormwater runoff during the Oolitic town council meeting on Monday night.

Their properties have been flooding because of drains being obstructed by trash and debris.
Judy Hamilton stated that everything is coming down the hill, ending up in her yard because the drains are obstructed and the water cannot go anywhere.
Crews with Bedford City Utilities did assist with cleaning drains, but the issues continue.
Some suggested residents who have had their water shut off might be responsible for obstructing the drains. Officials will investigate and correct the issues. One issue is the town only has three employees, and they have been tied up working on water leaks and have not had time to clear the drains.
Money has been appropriated to address the issue in front of the Jenkins property. Officials are waiting on bids for the project.
“Once the bids get turned in we will get the work done, the money is there,” said Bill Kendall.
A couple of years ago, the town tried to apply for a grant to be able to fix some of the drains with a $500,000 grant through the Southern Indiana Development Corporation. However, the income level of the town was too high to be approved for the grant.”
When town council members and the clerk-treasurer went house to house to try and do an income level survey, residents turned them away not wanting to provide income information. The survey itself is filled by the resident and put in an envelope without any of those taking the survey knowing what information was included.
Bids approved from the surplus sale of town vehicles
Two vehicles were approved to be sold with both vehicles being sold to Anthony Kellams. A
1953 Power Wagon M37 was sold for $1,200, as well as a 1987 GMC dump truck. The truck will require a lot of work. A bid of $500 for the vehicle was approved.
Chimney repairs
Tim Martin will be doing the repairs on the chimney at Town Hall, recapping it. All he needs is a lift to be able to rent and get the repairs made.
Drug testing firm approved:
Midwest Technology was approved following discussion on liability associated with not complying with Department of Transportation regulations. The testing will do random drug testing of approximately five employees. The initial policy is $295 and $37.50 for each test administered.
Ted Maze will start Marshal Training>
Ted Maze will begin marshal training within a week in Monroe County and once it is complete Maze will be on duty. Councilman Gross wants him to start addressing violations of unregistered vehicles, several of those complaints are coming from residents along Smith Avenue.
Fire Department Report
Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department Chief Ted Maze stated the fire department made a total of 85 runs so far this year, 15 of those runs within the last week.
Also, the fire department still has some weather radios available. Contact the fire department, and firefighters will get them out to those needing them.
During the meeting concerns of the tornado siren sounding almost 15 minutes after the state tornado drill was addressed.
“This is why, weather radios are also important,” Ted Maze stated. “The town has only one tornado siren located near Town Hall not everyone may be able to hear the siren in an actual tornado.”
Utility Services Proposal Tabled
The council tabled the request from Utility Services with a bid of $837 for replacement of UV bulbs. Officials stated they replaced the 3000-hour bulbs last year, before approving any expenditure they want to know how many of the bulbs will actually be replaced.
Grant Funding and Festival
Resident, Leah Gross approached the board on what grants the town might be pursuing through the Southern Indiana Development Commission (SIDC) and Lawrence County Community Foundation (LCCF). Councilman Dirk Sears stated that the LCCF grants will not be a large dollar amount, approximately $5,000, and are consulting with the police and fire departments and possible parks and recreation grants.
She questioned about doing a festival this year, which the fire department has asked to organize in the fall. The details of the festival are still in the planning stages. Anyone can contact the fire department and help with planning and organizing the festival.
Oolitic School Brownfield Grant
Town attorney Greg Pittman has been in contact with the SIDC on obtaining a brownfield grant. The town is not under time pressure for applying for the grant, as the grant process will be on a three-year cycle.
He also contacted the Indiana Landmarks giving them 30 days to see if they want to buy the property.
The sale of the school of $30,000 went into the town’s general funds.