Bloomington Rallies Sunday Around Islamic Center After Terrorist Attack

(BLOOMINGTON) – The Islamic Center of Bloomington is set to hold a vigil after a terrorist attack on a Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, left 50 worshipers dead.

A Memorial for Christchurch Victims: Moving Forward in Unity will be Sunday from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. at the
Islamic Center of Bloomington at 1925 E Atwater Ave, Bloomington, Indiana 47401
Katie Barrus, of the Islamic Center of Bloomington, says residents and religious organizations reached out to support the area’s most prominent Muslim community after receiving several letters which lead to the formation of the vigil.
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Area religious organizations will speak at Sunday’s Memorial for the Christchurch victims.
Individuals are being encouraged to wear headscarves on Friday to show their support for the Muslim community.
Several different groups are organizing events for Friday, March 22, inviting all religions to take part to show unity and solidarity.
The ‘Wear a Headscarf Friday’ group is aimed at women in the Christchurch region and has been supported by the New Zealand Muslim Association.
So far thousands of people on Facebook have expressed interest in the events.
The #headscarfforharmony movement is another group hoping to ease the fears of Muslim women who feel they can’t go outside wearing a headscarf after last week’s terror attack.
Women are being invited to don a headscarf to work, school or play.
‘We want to show our love and support and grieve for the loss of 50 mothers, fathers, children, colleagues and friends after last Friday’s terrorist attack in Christchurch,’ the group says.