4th Street Garage Rebuilding And Expansion Being Reconsidered By Council

(BLOOMINGTON) – The Bloomington City Council will be discussing and voting on a bond for a new 4th Street parking garage on Wednesday, March 27, and Wednesday, April 3.

The Chamber has been a strong advocate for a new 4th Street garage that has more capacity for employees, residents, and visitors.
The Council originally decided to repair the garage, which would only allow for another five years of use.
Recent feedback from downtown employers has been alarming. Some are looking for space outside of the downtown area and others are decreasing inventory because sales are down.
As a result of this feedback to the Council, and a more than estimated cost to repair, the Council is now reconsidering the rebuilding and expansion of the 4th Street garage.
Parking is essential to help these businesses succeed and keep our downtown vibrant.
Bloomington Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Erin Predmore says sign the petition shows your organization supports the bond to build a new 4th Street parking garage.
This will help the Chamber demonstrate the support and need from organizations in our community.
Signatures are needed by 12 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27.