Bedford City Council Tables Vacating of Alley, Street

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford City Council held a public hearing Tuesday in regards to vacating a portion of an unimproved street and alley located in the Moore’s Hill Addition.

Bedford City Hall.JPG
Bedford City Hall
This was located near 515 Oolitic Road where the Bedford Veterinarian Clinic is located. This was requested by R. Stephen Medlock and James R. Waeltz the owners. In addition, property owners Daniel Robins would be using the proposed vacant street and alley.
Attorney Bryon Steele was in attendance to explain the proposal; which the alley and street run through the parking lot of the business and the two parties have agreed to split the lot.
However, Councilman Scherschel questioned why one of the other businesses was not notified of the proposal.
The council directed Bryon Steele to notify the other property owner of the proposal and give them time to respond to the proposal. A letter will be sent to B and M Equipment so they can respond to the proposal. No one else spoke for or against the proposal.
The City Council Meeting then was opened up to other business.
The first item of business was vacating a portion of street and alley in the Moore’s Hill Addition. In light of the public hearing on the proposal; Bryon Buker made a motion to table the motion, seconded by Penny May the Council voted all in favor to table the motion until the next meeting.
In other business:
Stalker Apartments
Amy Alcorn from Hoosier Uplands provided Compliance Statement of Benefits on Stalker Apartments. They are a total of 18 units in the Stalker Apartments which are all full, as well as a waiting list of 50 other people on a waiting list. This benefits low-income families as well as children. They are eight children currently residing in the apartments. The council voted to accept the compliance report with no objections.
stonecutters place.JPG
Stonecutters Apartments
Also, Mrs. Alcorn presented the compliance report for the Stonecutters Place. There are a total of 30 units in the apartment building. The Stonecutter’s Apartments are for senior living, and there is a long waiting list for the apartments. The waiting list has over 100 other applicants waiting on openings. The apartments are rented based on income level. Mrs. Alcorn stated there is a great need for more housing in the area. And encourages others to try and build more affordable housing.
Zane Goatee
Councilman Buker took the time to instruct Zane Goatee a Bedford North Lawrence High School Student; who was in attendance for government class, to learn some of the workings of the City Council and Mayor’s Office. Councilman Buker then explained that the council was the legislative body of the city. While the Mayor was the policy maker of the city. Mayor Girgis went on to explain the city budget process to Mr. Goatee.
Mayor Girgis and Director of Business and Community Development at City of Bedford Marla Jones were in Indianapolis, Tuesday accepting an award on behalf of the Lochmueller Group. The award was given out of five other cities, and the reason for the award was on the Milwaukee Depot project. The 1899 depot was relocated from a less desirable to serve as a revitalization project for the downtown.