Deadlines And Schedules To Adopt Bloomington’s Transportation Plan

(BLOOMINGTON) – City Council President Dave Rollo Announces the Deadlines and Schedule for Further Deliberation by the City Council on Resolution 19-01: To Adopt the City’s Transportation Plan as an Amendment to the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

As requested by the City Council earlier this month, Council President Rollo is announcing the deadlines and schedule for further deliberations on Resolution 19-01 (Adopting the City’s Transportation Plan).
As stated by Council President Rollo, “The reason for the delay was to give the members of the Council and public more time to understand what was being proposed and how it would affect the community. Members of the public are invited to use this time to become more informed about the Transportation Plan and offer amendments for sponsorship by Council members.”
The Transportation Plan affects the City’s right-of-ways and is intended to be a multi-modal plan that is part of the Comprehensive Plan and provides a long-term vision for the City’s future. More on the Transportation Plan can be found at
Deadlines and Schedule for Further Deliberation on the Transportation Plan
Wednesday, March 20th – Initial deadline for Council Members to sponsor amendments (by contacting the Planning and Transportation staff and Council Office).
Friday, March 29th at Noon in the Council Library – Council Work Session to discuss amendments, the prospect of other amendments, and how to proceed with further deliberations.
Friday, April 12th – Release of sponsored amendments in the Council Office and posted online at
Monday, April 29th at Noon – Deadline for the public to submit amendments to the Council Office via email at (The public is encouraged to submit amendments and to do so well before the above deadline. See Amendments below).
Friday, May 10th at Noon in the Council Library – Council Work Session to review amendments and also the deadline for Council members to sponsor additional amendments.
Friday, May 17th – Release of weekly Council Legislative Packet containing amendments.
Wednesday, May 22nd at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers – Council Special Session to further consider Resolution 19-01 and the Transportation Plan. Further deliberations may be necessary and, if so, the Council anticipates using the following Wednesday evenings at its usual meeting time to conclude its work on this legislation.
Proposing Amendments
Sponsorship: While members of the public may not propose amendments directly, they may ask a Council member to do so. Requests for Council member sponsorship may be sent to In addition, requests may also be sent directly to a Council member (individual e-mail addresses can be found here:
In Writing: All amendments must be in written form and must be on a form provided by the Council Office. The form is posted here.