New Wellness Council Partnership Aims To Combat Indiana Obesity Rates

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Wellness Council of Indiana (WCI), a subsidiary of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, is excited to announce a new partnership with On Target Health, which aims to create a healthier Indiana through employer-sponsored weight management programs that target obesity.

WCI members will receive exclusive program pricing through On Target Health.
The cost of obesity in Indiana is steep. Aside from potentially leading to serious health concerns such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, obesity adds roughly $11.9 billion in increased health care costs, lower productivity and other related impacts.
Data from the Alliance for a Healthier Indiana shows that obesity drives up health care costs for all employees, as obese employees generate more than $51,000 in medical claims (per 100 full-time employees) each year, compared with $7,500 for healthy weight workers.
Reducing state obesity levels to below 20% of the state’s population is one of the goals of the Indiana Chamber’s Indiana Vision 2025 plan. Current statewide obesity levels are much higher than 20 percent, with about one in every three Hoosier adults qualifying as “obese,” according to the Alliance for a Healthier Indiana.
“The new partnership between the Wellness Council and On Target Health is another step toward achieving the goals within Indiana Vision 2025 to help create a thriving, healthy workforce in Indiana,” says Jennifer Pferrer, executive director of WCI. “Our mission is to work collaboratively and impact the economic vitality of the state by working with employers to help guide workplaces and communities through the development of comprehensive health and wellness strategies.”
“To partner with the Wellness Council and support their efforts with the Indiana Vision 2025 is a great opportunity for On Target Health. We want to be a part of the solution and support the WCI to realize their objectives,” says Todd Foushee, co-founder, and CEO of On Target Health. “We are providing services to many respected employers in Indiana and assisting their employees and dependents who have struggled with losing and sustaining weight loss. Aligning with the WCI helps us to reach additional employers who are equally as passionate about wellness and prevention.”
For more information about how to become a member of the Wellness Council of Indiana or learn more about the partnership with On Target Health, visit or call (317) 264-2165.
For more information about the On Target Health program or to schedule a demo, visit or call 844-666-2373.