Installation Of Storm Sewer/Water Lines Pushed Back Again

(BEDFORD) – With the forecast for this week, Bedford City Utilities Director Misty Adams says it is not looking good for beginning work installing storm sewer pipes and lower water lines at the intersection of 5th Street and Lincoln Avenue.

Adams says they are hoping to begin work maybe later this week.
When work does begin the intersection will be closed for approximately two months to install storm sewer pipe as well as lower water lines and install inlets.
The project continues north on Lincoln Avenue to First Street with a new trunk line so there will be additional block closures North as the project continues.
The contractor, King’s Trucking will be working as fast as possible to get this intersection back open.
With the Lincoln Avenue stormwater project, there will be inconveniences for larger trucks that may make deliveries in town to the north end.
“We will establish an alternate route of M Street West to S Street on 4th Street as a way to get larger vehicles around the Lincoln Avenue Intersection. There will be temporary no parking along different sections of 4th Street,” says Misty Adams, Bedford City Utilities Director. “This is a much-needed infrastructure improvement to remove the stormwater on the north end of town that was included in our approved compliance plan with Indiana Department of Environmental Management to reduce or prevent sanitary sewer inflow and infiltration to Spider Creek lift station with the goal with other projects to eliminate prohibited sanitary sewer overflows.”