AG Curtis Hill Warns Hoosiers To Be Skeptical Of Solicitors Claiming Affiliation With Local Schools

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Attorney General Curtis Hill is warning Hoosiers to exercise caution before entering into financial transactions with solicitors claiming affiliations with local schools. In recent years, the Office of the Attorney General has received multiple complaints about scams involving fraudulent sales of supposed sponsorships benefiting school programs or sports teams.

On Jan. 23, 2019, the Office of the Attorney General filed a civil action in Delaware County against Boost Sports Integrative Media LLC – which does business under the name High School Sports Advertising and Sports Media Advertising. Claiming charitable purposes, this company entered into consumer transactions with Indiana businesses under the guise of affiliation or partnership with local school corporations – namely, Yorktown High School and Muncie Central High School.
Boost Sports Integrative Media LLC, however, failed to establish sponsorship, approval or affiliation with the schools before soliciting the targeted businesses. Further, it failed to deliver the products it promised, and it remitted no funds to the schools. The Attorney General alleges that this entity’s actions are unfair, abusive and deceptive and that they violate the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act. The Attorney General is seeking restitution for defrauded businesses as well as civil penalties and costs. It also is seeking an order that the defendant stops any fraudulent activity.
In 2017, the Office of the Attorney General received similar complaints about a company purporting to be affiliated with Noblesville High School in Hamilton County.
Businesses and individuals should be suspicious of anyone calling or emailing to seek sponsor partnerships for stadium banners, posters, T-shirts and other items. Before contracting with such companies, businesses should first check with schools to confirm the relationship with the organization seeking money.
Anyone who believes they have encountered an attempted scam is encouraged to file a consumer complaint with the Office of the Attorney General at or by calling 1-800-382-5516.
View the complaint here.