Four Men Arrested After Stealing Sunglasses, Punching Man

(BLOOMINGTON) – Four men were arrested early Thursday morning after they allegedly stole a man’s Yves Saint Laurent outside of the Bluebird Nightclub.

A 22-year-old man reported he was outside of the nightclub on North Walnut Street when three men approached him and one of those men, 28-year-old Davie Perry Jr., took his $300 sunglasses and refused to give them back.
The three men then walked to the Taco Bell parking lot at the corner of Seventh and North Walnut streets. The victim followed again asking for his sunglasses and threatened to call the police.
That is when 23-year-old Marquise Shaw and 27-year-old Ryan Horton hit the man in the face and then 20-year-old Chole Sullivan got out of a vehicle and smacked the man’s phone out of his hand into the street. All four men then got into a silver Chevrolet SUV and left the parking lot.
The victim called the police, and they arrived around 2:30 a.m. Police located the vehicle and stopped it at the corner of 10th and North Walnut streets. Three of the men got out of the SUV, Horton refused. When Horton finally got out he was holding a cigarette and when told to drop hit he refused and would not comply with police commands. Horton would not cooperate and was hit with a bean bag round, a non-lethal projectile. All four were arrested.
Police found an ID and phone in the car belonging to the victim, but not the sunglasses.
All four were transported to the Bloomington Police Department where Perry, who was intoxicated, urinated on the floor of the interview room.
Shaw is facing a charge of robbery; Perry is facing charges of robbery, battery, and criminal mischief. Horton was arrested on charges of robbery, battery and resisting law enforcement and Sullivan was charged with assisting a criminal.