Racist Graffiti Found On Bathroom Walls Of Bloomington North High School

(BLOOMINGTON) – Racist graffiti was removed from the bathroom stall walls at Bloomington North High School.

School officials alerted Bloomington police at 9:37 p.m. Wednesday reporting a custodian found the vandalism.
Someone had scribbled “KKK” and “Kill all Jews” in pencil, pen, and marker on several restroom stall walls. School officials told police that custodians had painted over the graffiti.
Bloomington Police Lt. John Kovach says surveillance footage was checked, but there were too many students coming and going from the bathroom to determine a suspect.
Bloomington High School North officials emailed a statement about the graffiti to parents on Friday.
Interim principal Andrea Mobley wrote:
“Security, faculty, and staff will continue to monitor restrooms on a frequent basis. It is often very difficult to identify the student(s) responsible for this type of behavior, but we most certainly try to follow up as best as we can. Please contact an administrator if you receive information about who may have done this.”