Expansion Started For Local Pharmacy

(BEDFORD) – A locally owned business is expanding in Bedford.

Medicine Plus, a locally owned pharmacy at 2412 West 16th Street, has started an expansion project at their local store.
Jade Schuckman, of Medicine Plus, said that the expansion is underway and expected to be completed in May of this year. A “Grand Reopening” is expected once the new facility is completed.
Pharmacy Plus ExpansionIMG_5438.JPG
Medicine Plus Expansion
Schuckman said that the new building will be three times the size of their current store and is being built directly behind the present store. Expanded parking is also planned along with a drive-through window. The current building will be torn down for the expanded parking.
Medicine Plus is a unique pharmacy which offers “compounding” of specialized prescriptions prescribed by your physician.
The pharmacy has been in Bedford since 1983.