Latest Survey Investigates Residents’ Interest In Composting

(BLOOMINGTON) – “Exploring Curbside Composting Options”, the latest topic on the City of Bloomington’s online resident survey platform, was released Tuesday.

Hosted by national survey company Polco, the five-question survey will help the city learn more about resident interest in composting. The survey is available at
The City released its first set of survey questions in mid-November. New survey topics and questions are released on alternate Tuesdays, and the surveys are brief (typically five or six questions). The topic for the first set of questions was rentable electric scooter usage in Bloomington, the second topic introduced was the quality of City of Bloomington Utilities water service and the third topic was volunteerism and public engagement. Each set of questions remains open for responses for two months.
Community members are encouraged to participate in the bi-weekly polls by creating a user ID on the Polco site by entering their name, zip code, and email address. Survey responses are stored anonymously; the City sees only sees aggregate results, not individual responses. Results are available at
Participants can choose to receive notifications when new survey questions are posted. The City seeks resident input to guide choices, and Polco is another opportunity for Bloomington residents to share opinions about topics important to them, influencing policy decisions that will determine the look, feel and functionality of the city for decades to come.