Indiana Statewide Corridor Planning Study

(INDIANAPOLIS) – INDOT’s Statewide Corridor Planning Study (SCPS) has been launched to supplement our non-project specific 2018-2045 Long-Range Transportation plan, establish intermediate and long-term visions for select transportation corridors, and compile general planning information for each corridor. Information gathered will include stakeholder and public input, traffic growth, future mobility and safety deficiencies, pedestrian needs, economic and tourism data, and land-use and socio-economic impacts.

This information will be used to develop a range of strategies to address future transportation needs and decisions.
Your Input is Vital
This public survey site is designed to enable stakeholders and citizens to provide location-specific comments regarding transportation issues, concerns, and needs. Click on the desired map corridor and complete and submit the Add A Comment dialog box that appears. Comments received will be reviewed by INDOT staff, edited for clarity if needed, and displayed for others to see and vote upon.
The SCPS only evaluates non-interstate state facilities that serve a statewide mobility function (e.g. high speed, high truck volume, and connector to large population centers). The SCPS will not evaluate U.S. 31, U.S. 30, and State Road 37 because of ongoing study/activities on these corridors.
INDOT will compile and evaluate all comments on all corridors. Comments on the SCPS corridors (shown in red) will be included in the corridor profiles. Comments regarding non-SCPS corridors will be provided to those corridor management teams.
Comments that contain offensive language will not be posted.
To launch the online public survey for the Statewide Corridor Planning Study, click here