Holcomb, Crouch & Indiana GOP Set New Fundraising Records

(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Indiana Republican Party, along with the campaigns of Governor Eric Holcomb and Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, again ended the calendar year in record-setting positions.

Together, the three entities will post $5.745 million, a full $1.719 million more than any previous combined total following a governor’s second year in office. This is also higher than the previously-reported projected end-of-year cash-on-hand total of $5.25 million.
More specifically, the Indiana Republican Party ended the year with a projection-busting $930,000, a full $100,000 more than last year’s total. Eric Holcomb for Indiana ended the year with $4 million in the bank, which is more cash-on-hand than any previous second-year governor. And Lt. Governor Crouch’s campaign account closed the year with $815,000, above the earlier projection of $750,000.
“Thanks to the commitment and support of Governor Eric Holcomb and Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, today our Indiana Republican Party has taken fundraising to new levels and is in a record financial position,” said Kyle Hupfer, chairman of the Indiana Republican Party. “With this news, Team Holcomb, the joint fundraising committee between Eric Holcomb for Indiana and the Indiana Republican Party, continues to prove its effectiveness.”
The Team Holcomb model benefits both the Indiana Republican Party and Eric Holcomb for Indiana as it allows the entities to raise funds jointly and disburses those funds based on a pre-determined, but adjustable, formula. Currently, Team Holcomb contributions are evenly split between the two organizations and that allocation will continue this year.
Hupfer said, “The combined fundraising success of the Indiana Republican Party, Eric Holcomb for Indiana and Friends of Suzanne Crouch sends a strong message that we are all on the same page. Additionally, by breaking these records, and eclipsing even our own projections, we have sent a strong message to anyone eyeing a 2020 gubernatorial run.”