Commissioners praise citizens for staying off roadways during ice and snowstorm

BEDFORD – The Lawrence County Commissioner praised the work of the County Highway Department members, dispatchers, police officers, and first responders for their dedication during the snow and ice storm that recently hit the county.

They also praised the citizens of Lawrence County for staying off the roadways during the storm.

Rodney Fish

“This was a difficult storm and we want to thank everyone,” said Commissioner Rodney Fish.

Dustin Gabhart

Commissioner Dustin Gabhart added. “I was out in the snow event and was so impressed. The citizens are accountable for their own safety. I spent hours and hours out in the storm and was only passed by maybe 12 vehicles. They took our request to heart and stayed home. We appreciate that. It allowed our crews to do their jobs.”

Wally Branham

Commissioner Wally Branham who was home recovering from a medical issue during the storm agreed with his fellow commissioners and praised the citizens of Lawrence County and their support and understanding during the storm.

Valerie Luchauer

Emergency Management Director Valerie Luchauer was in dispatch around the clock during the storm.

“It was a solid effort on everyone’s part,” she added. “You never know what to expect. I was so thankful we didn’t get lots of ice and it wasn’t worse.”

Sheriff Mike Branham appreciated the communities members staying off the roadways.

Mike Branham

“We normally we have dozens and dozens of crashes and slid-offs, but we didn’t during this storm,” he added. “The next day we had some.”

Highway crews are currently replenishing the salt and sand that was used during the storm and working on patching potholes and cutting brush.

Brandi Webb

The commissioners appointed Brandi Webb as the interim Highway Superintendent after the resignation of David Holmes. Webb has served as the highway department bookkeeper for many years under Holmes.

Sheriff Branham reported the jail was at 82 percent capacity this morning. There were 147 inmates in the jail this morning. Of those 123 were male, 24 female, one Level 6 felon, 16 Department of correction holds.