Students, employees at Purdue face disciplinary action for failing to comply with COVID testing

WEST LAFAYETTE – Dozens of Purdue University students could face suspension and employees could face disciplinary action after not complying with the school’s COVID-19 protocols.

The students have been warned twice either to get the vaccine or take part in weekly testing. Officials say 214 employees also got a warning for failing to participate in required testing. All employees who aren’t vaccinated, with the exception of those working 100 percent remote, must also participate in regular surveillance testing. A staff member who isn’t compliant could lose their job.

Purdue says three weeks into the semester, 84 students refused to comply with the Protect Purdue surveillance testing requirement after a prior warning.

Before the start of the fall semester, students were given the choice to either show proof that they’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or participate in routine surveillance testing, which could be as frequently as weekly.

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