Secretary of State Diego Morales calls on Congress to pass the SAVE Act

INDIANAPOLIS- Secretary of State Diego Morales is calling on Congress to pass the SAVE Act. 

Secretary Morales is calling on federal action to put a stop to the potential of non-citizens voting in elections. Congress must pass the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act to protect U.S. elections. The SAVE Act would strengthen the current law that allows only U.S. citizens to vote in elections. The SAVE Act would require states to require proof of citizenship when registering someone to vote.  States would also be required to remove non-citizens from existing voter rolls.

Under our current federal administration, millions of non-citizens have entered our country illegally and pose the risk to illegally cast ballots.

Legally registering to vote was one of the first things Secretary Morales did after becoming a naturalized citizen.

“Secure elections are an integral part of the Hoosier state and our country. Our voters need to have confidence that only U.S. citizens are voting in our elections on a state level and nationwide.  As Indiana’s Chief Election Officer and a legal immigrant, I hold the integrity of elections in the highest regard; voting is a privilege, and it must be protected,” said Diego Morales, Indiana Secretary of State.

Secretary Morales sent letters to Indiana’s members of Congress, requesting their support of the SAVE Act.

Under the Secretary Morales administration, House Enrolled Act 1264 was passed which addresses issues of potential non-citizen registrations.  It provides tools for maintaining accurate and up-to-date voter registration lists, it allows County Clerks to request proof of citizenship for individuals registering with temporary ID’s and requires documentation of residency for first-time voters. The SAVE Act would allow Indiana to take steps that are not currently allowed under the National Voter Registration Act.