Man arrested for attempted murder at Evansville home

EVANSVILLE— Evansville Police say a man is in jail for an attempted murder overnight.

Officers were dispatched to an assault in progress, just after 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, near the intersection of Denby Ave. and Cherry St. The caller told police someone was assaulting their neighbor and was bleeding.  The caller told police the person attacking her neighbor was a man named Tarrell Thomas.

Officers arrived on the scene, placed Thomas in handcuffs, and began treating the victim, who was severely injured.  EPD says the victim had both eyes swollen, upper lip split open, and several deep lacerations on the top of his head.

While being interviewed at the hospital, the victim told police everything happened over an issue with Tarrell’s ex. The victim stated that he and Tarrell were friends and were watching a fight together at Tarrell’s home.

The victim says they were drinking, and Tarrell accused the victim of sleeping with his ex.  He said when he got up to leave, he was punched by Tarrell and tried to leave the house.  He says a fistfight spilled out into the front yard.

The victim told police that Tarrell went to his car, pulled something out, and began hitting up repeatedly with an object. The victim says Tarrell told him several times that he was ‘going to kill him.’

Police say the object resembled a pole, stick, or bat.

When police asked Thomas what happened after they exchanged his story, he told them “you got his story, go with it.”

EPD said when they asked Thomas if he used a weapon to hurt the victim, Thomas requested an attorney, and the interview was over.

Thomas was booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail on a charge of Attempted Murder.