Wedding reception ends with the groom and another man in jail and a third man hospitalized after being shot

SALEM – A wedding night celebration at the Cornerstone Hall in Salem on Saturday, May 18th, ended with the groom and another man in jail and sent a third man to the hospital after suffering a gunshot wound to his hand.

Corey Parker

The Groom, Corey Parker, 33, of Hardinsburg, and Jonathon Goff, 33, of English, were arrested on charges of battery and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

Jonathon Goff

Both pleaded not guilty Monday and were released after posting a $3,000 cash bond.

Parker told police his bride had left with Goff’s wife to return to the Cobblestone Hotel in Salem. He said Goff had gotten into an argument with his wife after being accused of flirting with another woman.

Parker told police he was leaving when he and Goff got into an argument. The argument turned physical and both men were shoving each other. Parker got into his car when Goff came down on top of him. Parker told police he believed Goff was trying to get his gun in the car’s center console.

Parker says the gun was in both of their hands when “in all the rustle and bustle, the gun went off,” striking the boyfriend of the woman who called 911. Parker told police he wasn’t sure where the man had come from but thought he was trying to get the gun from him and Goff.

Parker said he didn’t intend to shoot him.

Police charged Parker with battery after punching Goff in the face and criminal recklessness after shooting the third man involved.