Orleans Town Square Park Summertime Use Reminders

ORLEANS – As summertime approaches, more people use the historic Orleans Town Square Park (Congress Square).

The Orleans Police Department would like to remind park patrons to be courteous to other park patrons and respect the park grounds by putting trash and litter in its proper place and using one of the many trash receptacles throughout the park.

The overall goal is to ensure that the parking area is clean, safe, and a positive environment for everyone’s enjoyment.  

Those using the park are reminded that the War Memorial Plaza honors those who have served our country and is a centerpiece of the park worthy of respect. 

The Orleans Police Department would also like to remind parkgoers that bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, and scooters are prohibited inside the park grounds. Bike racks are available on both the north and south sides of the park so our bike riders can leave their bikes and walk into the park area.

Parents are reminded that children should not be sent to the park alone. Children should not play or swim in the fountain due to the risk of electrocution and other health and safety issues.  

The Orleans Town Square Park and Welcome Center, located on the north side of the town square, is under 24-hour video surveillance.