Mitchell woman faces public nudity and intoxication charges

BEDFORD – A Mitchell woman is facing charges of public nudity and public intoxication after police responded to the 40 block of Pinhook Road on Monday, April 29.

Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department responded to the home at 1:00 p.m. after a report that 40-year-old Rachel Pruett, of Mitchell, was reported standing in the driveway with her pants and underwear pulled down.

Rachel Pruett

Deputies Duprey and Atchison arrived to find Pruett exhibiting abnormal behavior. She appeared to be making very slow movements and had difficulty maintaining balance. She had no shoes on, and her underwear was around her ankles. She was yelling for help.

The caller told police that the neighbor’s kids were out playing basketball when she noticed Pruett acting strange and half-naked. All the people in the neighborhood could view Pruett’s behavior, including the children.

Pruett gave police her name but told them she didn’t know where she was. When asked if she lived on Pinhook Road, she replied yes.

She told police she was confused and thought she was going to die.

Pruett then said she needed to defecate, and the officer saw a brown coating on her hands that smelled of fecal matter.

Pruett was transported to jail on charges of public nudity and public intoxication.