Rep. Jim Banks shares stories of Hoosiers lost to Fentanyl Poisoning at China Select Committee Hearing

WASHINGTON— Tuesday, at the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party’s hearing on the role of the CCP in the fentanyl crisis, Rep. Jim Banks shared the stories of Hoosiers who lost their lives to fentanyl poisoning.

Congressman Banks held up photos of Logan Bauer (20) and Christopher Juillerat (23), along with more than 100 obituaries, photos, and letters from parents who have lost children to fentanyl poisoning.

Banks recognized the work being done by Logan’s father, Chad, a captain with the Fort Wayne Fire Department, and Chris’s mother, Theresa, to educate communities in Northeast Indiana about the dangers of fentanyl.

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Excerpts from the hearing:

“This is Logan Bauer. He was a standout athlete and a senior commander in the JROTC at Concordia High School in Fort Wayne. I met Logan at the Capitol in 2018 when he visited the Capitol with his school. He died before is 21st birthday of fentanyl poisoning. His dad, a captain with the Fort Wayne fire department, Chad Bauer, now dedicates his life to educating kids and families about the dangers of fentanyl.”

“This is Theresa Juillerat and her son Christopher. Christopher was a father and an uncle. He died at the age of 23, also of fentanyl poisoning. On top of working a full-time job and taking care of her grandkids, Theresa Juillerat, Christopher’s mother, dedicates her life to speaking out about the dangers of fentanyl as well.”

“Last year, I received a box of a hundred letters and photos and obituaries from parents, like many of you who are here today, who lost children to fentanyl poisonings. I’ve repeatedly asked the Biden administration and President Biden himself to meet with these families, to give them an audience in his office to talk about these issues, and I’ve been completely blown off by the Biden administration when requesting – simply requesting – a meeting between the President of the United States and families like all of you who are with us today to talk about what this committee is addressing.”

President Biden has repeatedly ignored Rep. Banks’ request for a meeting about Hoosier victims of the fentanyl crisis.