Officers make welfare check, woman is jailed after fighting with police

MITCHELL – A Bloomington woman after Mitchell Police officers responded to the 400 block of Burton Street to check on someone knocking on doors and entering a shed.

When Officers Kuhlman and Enders arrived, they located a female in the shed. She refused to tell police who she was and continued to ask to speak to her husband. Officers said the woman could call her husband if she would tell them who she was. The woman finally admitted she did not live at the home.

An officer used his cell phone to attempt to call the woman’s husband. The first phone number she provided was the woman’s old cell phone number. The second number she provided had too many digits.

She then said her mother lived next door, but that was untrue.

Officers spent approximately 20 minutes attempting to identify the woman.

Officers then asked the woman to put her hands behind her back, but she pulled away from them and ran. Officers were able to catch the woman and take her to the ground. EMS was requested to the scene. The woman refused to give the IU LifeLine ambulance crew her name.

Holli Pace

While the woman was being medically evaluated, Officer Enders located a vehicle with the ignition running and the driver’s side door and trunk open. He discovered the car belonged to the woman, 38-year-old Holli Pace.

After being medically cleared, Pace was escorted to a police vehicle and continued to struggle and scream at police. She had to be carried to the police vehicle. Once in the car, she stiffened her legs and stuck a leg underneath the vehicle, preventing the officer from putting her in the car. She continued to struggle and grabbed one of the officers by the genitalia.

Officers finally told Pace if she didn’t enter the vehicle, she would be tased. She continued to struggle. The dry stun was ineffective.

Sgt. Lonnie Johnson arrived on the scene and assisted with getting Pace in the vehicle. She was transported to IU Health Bedford Hospital to be medically cleared and then to jail on a battery of a public servent, two counts of resisting arrest, and failure to identify.

Bland’s Wrecker Service towed her vehicle.