Early voting for the 2024 Primary Election begins on Tuesday, April 9

BEDFORD — Early voting for the 2024 Primary Election begins on Tuesday, April 9th, and continues through Friday, May 3, at noon at the Lawrence County Voter Registration Office.

Voters can vote from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Early voting will also be held on Saturday, April 27, and Saturday, May 4th, at the Voter Registration office and the Mithell Community Center from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

The following is the primary election ballot:


  • Donald Trump, Republican
  • Joseph R Biden Jr., Democrat

US Senator

  • Jim Banks, Republican
  • John Rust, Republican


  • Mike Bruan, Republican
  • Brad Chambers, Republican
  • Suzanne Crouch, Republican
  • Eric Doden, Republican
  • Curtis Hill, Republican
  • Jamie Reitenour, Republican
  • Tamie Dixon-Tatum, Democrat
  • Jennifer G. McCormick, Democrat

US Representative Ninth District

  • Hugh Doty, Republican
  • Erin Houchin, Republican
  • D. Liam Dorris, Democrat
  • Timothy (Tim) Peck, Democrat

State Senator District 44

  • Eric Koch, Republican
  • Marc Carmichael, Democrat
  • Valerie McCray, Democrat

State Representative District 65

  • Chris D. May, Republican

Superior Court I Judge

  • John M. Plummer III, Republican

Clerk of Circuit Court

  • Amy M. Voorhies, Republican

County Auditor

  • Paula R. Stewart, Republican
  • Martha Arnold Turner, Republican

County Recorder

  • Jessica L. Allen, Republican

County Treasurer

  • Penny L. Cobb, Republican

County Coroner

  • Elizabeth J Freeman, Republican

County Surveyor

  • Corey D. Allen, Republican

County Commissioner District 2

  • Dustin H Gabhart, Republican
  • Jeff D. McKnight, Republican

County Commissioner District 3

  • Wallace M. Branham, Republican

County Council At Large

  • Julie L. Blackwell Chase, Republican
  • Noah J. Browning, Republican
  • Rick Butterfield, Republican
  • Julie Johnson Hewetson, Republican
  • David Holmes, Republican
  • Bill Andrew Raines, Republican
  • Brian M. Skillman, Republican
  • Scott Smith, Republican

Convention Delegate At Large

  • Julie L. Blackwell Chase, Republican
  • Sam Bond, Republican
  • Daniel Bortner, Republican
  • Brad Bough, Republican
  • Robert W. Bridge, Republican
  • Janie Craig Chenault, Republican
  • Chase Cummings, Republican
  • Charles P. Edwards, Republican
  • Ryan D. Griffith, Republican
  • Julie J. Hewetson, Republican
  • Nathan C. Jenkins, Republican
  • Marla Jone, Republicans
  • Jeff D. McKnight, Republican
  • Patrick Redman, Republican
  • Andrew J. Rusch, Republican
  • Travis W. Sanders, Republican
  • Henry Shetler, Republican
  • Scott Smith, Republican
  • Amy M. Voorhies, Republican
  • Kathleen Flynn-Bullock, Democrat
  • Rowena R. Cross-NajafI, Democrat
  • Carol Edwards, Democrat
  • Donald W. George, Democrat
  • Clarice Guy, Democrat
  • Anne B. Petty, Democrat
  • Bethany A. Phillips, Democrat

Bono Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Paula R. Stewart, Republican

Guthrie Precinct Committeeman

  • Gaylynn W. Jean, Republican

Indian Creek Precinct Committeeman

  • Scott Smith, Republican

Marion 2 Precinct Committeeman

  • Stephen K. Burton, Republican
  • Chris L. Carlisle, Republican
  • Nathan Jenkins, Republican

Marion 3 Precinct Committeeman

  • Danny K Terrell, Republican

Marion 4 Precinct Committeeman

  • Lori L Hack, Republican

Marion 5B Precinct Committeeman

  • Marla Jones, Republican
  • Jeff D, McKnight, Republican

Marion 6 Precinct Committeeman

  • Dustin H Gabhart, Republican
  • Henry Shetler, Republican

Marshall 1 Precinct Committeeman

  • Chase Cummings, Republican
  • Christopher D. Noel, Republican

Marshall 2 Precinct Committeeman

  • Kenton J. Pardue, Republican

Marshall 3 Precinct Committeeman

  • Chloe O. True, Republican

Perry Precinct Committeeman

  • Alexandra Edwards, Republican

Pleasant Run Precinct Committeeman

  • Patty J. Ford, Republican

Shawswick 1B Precinct Committeeman

  • Brian Turpen, Republican

Shawswick 2 Precinct Committeeman

  • Ryan D Griffith, Republican

Shawswick 5A Republican PrecinctCommitteeman

  • Jeffrey J Lytton, Republican

Republican Shawswick 6 Republican PrecinctCommitteeman

  • Patrick J. Smith, Republican

Shawswick 7A Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Brad Bough, Republican

Shawswick 7B Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Robert W Bridge, Republican

Shawswick 08 Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Daniel Bortner, Republican

Shawswick 8 Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Andrew J. Rusch, Republican

Shawswick 10 Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • James JD McCombs, Republican

Shawswick 11 Republican Precinct

  • Brian M. Skillman, Republican

Shawswick 12 Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Johnny Bob Dillon, Republican

Shawswick 13 Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Kenna J. Hodges, Republican

Shawswick 14A Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Mike Branham, Republican
  • Charles P. Edwards, Republican
  • Julie J Hewetson, Republican

Shawswick 14B Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Travis W. Sanders, Republican

Shawswick 15B Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Faheem B. Bade, Republican

Shawswick 16 Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Rick Butterfield, Republican
  • Larry D. Hardman, Republican

Spice Valley South Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Billy J. Bostock, Republican