Three contested races in Lawrence County May Primary

LAWRENCE CO. – The deadline for declaring a candidacy for local office in a major party primary this year was Friday at noon.

In Lawrence County, there are only three contested races: County Auditor, County Commissioner – District 2, and County Council at Large.

The following is the primary election ballot:


  • Nikki R. Haley, Republican
  • Donald Trump, Republican
  • Joseph R Biden Jr., Democrat

US Senator

  • Jim Banks, Republican
  • John Rust, Republican


  • Mike Bruan, Republican
  • Brad Chambers, Republican
  • Suzanne Crouch, Republican
  • Eric Doden, Republican
  • Curtis Hill, Republican
  • Jamie Reitenour, Republican
  • Tamie Dixon-Tatum, Democrat
  • Jennifer G. McCormick, Democrat

US Representative Ninth District

  • Hugh Doty, Republican
  • Erin Houchin, Republican
  • D. Liam Dorris, Democrat
  • Timothy (Tim) Peck, Democrat

State Senator District 44

  • Eric Koch, Republican
  • Marc Carmichael, Democrat
  • Valerie McCray, Democrat

State Representative District 65

  • Chris D. May, Republican

Superior Court I Judge

  • John M. Plummer III, Republican

Clerk of Circuit Court

  • Amy M. Voorhies, Republican

County Auditor

  • Paula R. Stewart, Republican
  • Martha Arnold Turner, Republican

County Recorder

  • Jessica L. Allen, Republican

County Treasurer

  • Penny L. Cobb, Republican

County Coroner

  • Elizabeth J Freeman, Republican

County Surveyor

  • Corey D. Allen, Republican

County Commissioner District 2

  • Dustin H Gabhart, Republican
  • Jeff D. McKnight, Republican

County Commissioner District 3

  • Wallace M. Branham, Republican

County Council At Large

  • Julie L. Blackwell Chase, Republican
  • Noah J. Browning, Republican
  • Rick Butterfield, Republican
  • Julie Johnson Hewetson, Republican
  • David Holmes, Republican
  • Bill Andrew Raines, Republican
  • Brian M. Skillman, Republican
  • Scott Smith, Republican

Convention Delegate At Large

  • Julie L. Blackwell Chase, Republican
  • Sam Bond, Republican
  • Daniel Bortner, Republican
  • Brad Bough, Republican
  • Robert W. Bridge, Republican
  • Janie Craig Chenault, Republican
  • Chase Cummings, Republican
  • Charles P. Edwards, Republican
  • Ryan D. Griffith, Republican
  • Julie J. Hewetson, Republican
  • Nathan C. Jenkins, Republican
  • Marla Jone, Republicans
  • Jeff D. McKnight, Republican
  • Patrick Redman, Republican
  • Andrew J. Rusch, Republican
  • Travis W. Sanders, Republican
  • Henry Shetler, Republican
  • Scott Smith, Republican
  • Amy M. Voorhies, Republican
  • Kathleen Flynn-Bullock, Democrat
  • Rowena R. Cross-NajafI, Democrat
  • Carol Edwards, Democrat
  • Donald W. George, Democrat
  • Clarice Guy, Democrat
  • Anne B. Petty, Democrat
  • Bethany A. Phillips, Democrat

Bono Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Paula R. Stewart, Republican

Guthrie Precinct Committeeman

  • Gaylynn W. Jean, Republican

Indian Creek Precinct Committeeman

  • Scott Smith, Republican

Marion 2 Precinct Committeeman

  • Stephen K. Burton, Republican
  • Chris L. Carlisle, Republican
  • Nathan Jenkins, Republican

Marion 3 Precinct Committeeman

  • Danny K Terrell, Republican

Marion 4 Precinct Committeeman

  • Lori L Hack, Republican

Marion 5B Precinct Committeeman

  • Marla Jones, Republican
  • Jeff D, McKnight, Republican

Marion 6 Precinct Committeeman

  • Dustin H Gabhart, Republican
  • Henry Shetler, Republican

Marshall 1 Precinct Committeeman

  • Chase Cummings, Republican
  • Christopher D. Noel, Republican

Marshall 2 Precinct Committeeman

  • Kenton J. Pardue, Republican

Marshall 3 Precinct Committeeman

  • Chloe O. True, Republican

Perry Precinct Committeeman

  • Alexandra Edwards, Republican

Pleasant Run Precinct Committeeman

  • Patty J. Ford, Republican

Shawswick 1B Precinct Committeeman

  • Brian Turpen, Republican

Shawswick 2 Precinct Committeeman

  • Ryan D Griffith, Republican

Shawswick 5A Republican PrecinctCommitteeman

  • Jeffrey J Lytton, Republican

Republican Shawswick 6 Republican PrecinctCommitteeman

  • Patrick J. Smith, Republican

Shawswick 7A Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Brad Bough, Republican

Shawswick 7B Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Robert W Bridge, Republican

Shawswick 08 Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Daniel Bortner, Republican

Shawswick 8 Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Andrew J. Rusch, Republican

Shawswick 10 Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • James JD McCombs, Republican

Shawswick 11 Republican Precinct

  • Brian M. Skillman, Republican

Shawswick 12 Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Johnny Bob Dillon, Republican

Shawswick 13 Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Kenna J. Hodges, Republican

Shawswick 14A Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Mike Branham, Republican
  • Charles P. Edwards, Republican
  • Julie J Hewetson, Republican

Shawswick 14B Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Travis W. Sanders, Republican

Shawswick 15B Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Faheem B. Bade, Republican

Shawswick 16 Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Rick Butterfield, Republican
  • Larry D. Hardman, Republican

Spice Valley South Republican Precinct Committeeman

  • Billy J. Bostock, Republican