Officer arrested on intimidation, battery charges

CRANE VILLAGE – A former Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputy and law enforcement officer on the Crane base has been arrested.

On Sunday, February 4, at 11:40 a.m., the Martin County Sheriff received a complaint from a resident on Blandy Street in Crane Village that Jon David Flynn had a fire that was popping coals on the complaint’s roof. The caller stated it was not an emergency and the fire department was unnecessary.

Martin County Sheriff Deputy Matthew Branham arrived at 12:04 p.m. to find the fire was almost out.

The neighbor told police he had past issues with Flynn and that Flynn would fire guns and blow up things in Flynn’s yard, and every time he called the Martin County Sheriff’s Department, nothing was done because he was law enforcement on the Crane base. The neighbor stated Flynn was drunk all the time and burned his girlfriend’s police equipment.

Deputy Branham drove to Flynn’s property to find smoldering black material but did not locate any police gear in the fire.

Jon David Flynn

Deputy Branham knocked on his door, and Flynn’s girlfriend, April King, also an officer at Crane, answered. Flynn came out the door, and according to the police, Flynn was intoxicated.

Deputy Branham told him why he was there and Flynn became hostile.

Flynn stated, ” I can do whatever I want on my property,” Flynn squatted down and told Deputy Branham, “I am an officer at Crane and a Law Enforcement officer for over 32 years and before that, a Lawrence County Deputy.”

Deputy Branham told Flynn he should get it and understand that I am just here to check on things. Flynn then called Deputy Branham a “b-tch” and again said he could do whatever he wanted on his property.

His girlfriend kept trying to calm Flynn down.

Deputy Branham left the scene and headed back towards Loogootee when, at 12:26 pm, another caller and a different neighbor reported Flynn was hostile and started firing a gun.

Deputy Branham requested additional officers and Indiana State Police.

The Indiana State Police Trooper and Martin County Sheriff’s Department Captain Larry Gibson responded. When speaking with Master Trooper John Wilson, Flynn got hostile and used profanity.

Indiana State Police Trooper David Quakenbush arrived to assist.

Flynn tried returning to the house but would stop, become hostile, and aggressively walk back toward the officers. King would get between him and the officers and try to calm Flynn.

After several minutes, officers attempted to arrest Flynn, who continued to resist and pull away from them. Flynn continued to make threatening comments to the officers. He told Captain Gibson, “If I see you outside, I am going to put you in the ground.”

Flynn kicked the police car. That is when Master Trooper John Wilson asked the Martin County officers to leave to help diffuse the situation.

Martin County EMS arrived at the scene to evaluate Flynn; however, he refused medical treatment.

Indiana State Police tried for 45 minutes to get Flynn into a police car. He , and refused to ride with Captain Wilson Martin County Sheriffs Department.

Flynn was finally placed in a Loogootee Police Department vehicle and the officers laid him down to prevent injury.

While being transported to the Martin County Security Center, Flynn was kicking the seat, fighting, and kicking the center console. Officer Justin Davis had to pull over and restrain Flynn in leg shackles. While restraining Flynn, he said, “If you take me to the hospital in these, I am going to bust your face,”

Flynn then started hitting his head off the window. Officer Davis stopped yet again, and when he opened the door, Flynn slipped out of the leg restraints and attempted to flee.

He was taken back into custody by Captain Larry Gibson and Indiana State Police Trooper Steve Nolan.

Flynn then requested medical treatment. He was taken to Daviess Community Hospital. Once medically cleared, he was transported to the Martin County Jail. King refused to give police Flynn’s identification at the scene, so the Crane Police Department was contacted, and Flynn was identified.

Captain Gibson suffered an arm injury with a bruise and lump starting to form during the altercation with Flynn.

Flynn continued to be hostile towards jail staff.

Flynn is facing charges of battery on a law enforcement officer, two counts of intimation of a law enforcement officer, criminal recklessness with a firearm, and resisting arrest. His bond is set at $30,000 with 10 percent allowed, King paid $3,000 and Flynn was released on Tuesday. He has pleaded not guilty.

He is scheduled to appear in Martin County Circuit Court on February 20th for a review hearing at 10:00 a.m.