Former Indiana Sheriff Jamey Noel facing 25 felony charges; wife Misty arrested

CLARK CO. – Former Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel is now facing ten additional felony counts, and his wife Misty turned herself in on Thursday.

Jamey Noel

Jamey Noel also served as the Republican Congressional Chairman for District 9, which includes Monroe County and the Clark County Republican Party Chairman.

The state filed ten charges against Misty Noel Wednesday: five counts of theft and five counts of tax evasion. Those exact charges were tacked on Wednesday to Jamey Noel’s case.

Misty Noel

Jeremy Noel now faces 25 felony charges and has been under investigation by Indiana State Police since June 2023.

The Indiana Supreme Court appointed Washington County Circuit Court Judge Larry Medlock Thursday as the special judge in the case against Misty. The usual Clark County judge recused himself, as he did in Jamey’s case.

Both are scheduled to appear in court today. Misty is being held without bond until then.

According to court documents, from 2018-2022, Misty is accused of filing a false tax return or making a false statement to defraud the state of Indiana or avoid paying a tax.

The state also detailed five instances between February 2019 and August 2023 in which Misty is alleged to have “knowingly or intentionally” exerted unauthorized control over the property of the Utica Township Volunteer Firefighters Association.

The Indiana State Police investigation into Jamey Noel started in June 2023 when authorities believed Noel instructed Clark County jail employees to work on his personal and rental properties and run errands for him while working on county time and being compensated with public funds.

On August 17, 2023, investigators served multiple search warrants at Noel’s home regarding an investigation into public official corruption allegations.

Investigators have also examined Noel’s vast automobile collection, which includes 24 vehicles, including several Cadillacs, Chevrolet Camaros, and Chevrolet Corvettes. Police believe Noel stole funds as part of a vehicle buying, selling, and trading scheme.

According to court documents, 133 vehicles are registered to the Utica Township Volunteer Fire Department and New Chapel EMS. A review of those vehicles showed several were “inconsistent” with a not-for-profit fire department and EMS business.

Newly released court documents state that Jamey Noel has nearly $5 million in personal charges to business credit cards linked to the Utica Township Volunteer Firefighters Association.

In December, investigators accused Jamey of unlawfully purchasing a Cessna airplane.

The investigation has also uncovered Jamey fathered a child with former Clark County Councilwoman Brittney Ferree and made child support payments with non-profit funds.

Jamey Noel was charged in November 2023 with 15 felonies, including counts of corrupt business practices, ghost employment, official misconduct, theft, and tax evasion. He pleaded not guilty to those charges.