IDHS 2023 Get ShakIN’ earthquake video contest winner announced

INDIANA – The Indiana Department of Homeland Security is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the 2023 Get ShakIN’ video contest, an initiative to promote awareness and preparedness for seismic events among schools in Indiana. Many schools/students enthusiastically participated and showcased their dedication to creating a safer and more resilient state.

It was a tough competition as 27 groups of students turned in videos that held crucial safety tips. Pioneer Jr./Sr. High School’s AP Biology class was named the winner for creating a video that showcased best practices in a way that brought levity to an important safety topic. The students’ approach and dedication set a benchmark for promoting resilience and preparedness in the face of unforeseen natural disasters.

“We congratulate Pioneer Jr./Sr. High School for its achievement in the Get ShakIN’ competition. Its commitment to earthquake education exemplifies the spirit of preparedness and community resilience we aim to foster,” said Mary Moran, IDHS Emergency Management and Preparedness director.

IDHS gave an honorable mention to Shenandoah Middle School and Kankakee Valley Intermediate School for the effort and excitement their students put into earthquake safety education.

The Get ShakIN’ video competition is part of ongoing efforts to prioritize safety and preparedness in the state. IDHS encourages other schools to utilize to actively participate in initiatives contributing to a safer and more resilient future.