COVID-19 numbers ticking back up again

INDIANA – Around 18,000 Americans were hospitalized with COVID-19 last week, about a 10% increase over the week prior, CDC data shows.

In Indiana according to the Indiana COVID-19 Dashboard, statewide there were 166,780 Hospital admissions, 21,303 emergency room visits with COVID-19 symptoms, 113,042 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and no reported deaths.

Hospitalizations in the US, which had been dropping, have started to tick back up again as health officials draw a closer focus on the coronavirus strain BA.2.86.

This week, the World Health Organization notched up the status of BA.2.86 to a “variant of interest,” although the organization says the current risk appears to be low.

BA.2.86 first turned up in the US in August and is now the third most common variant, causing an estimated 1 in 11 new cases.

Meanwhile, only 16% of American adults and just 6% of kids have gotten the latest COVID-19 vaccine, which studies have shown boosts antibodies against the prevalent strains.

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