Passenger was found with meth and marijuana and was detained

BEDFORD – A Bedford man was arrested on drug charges after a Bedford Police officer stopped his vehicle on Saturday, November 18th, for speeding on Mitchell Road and near T Street.

According to Bedford Police Sgt. Faheem Bade, the driver was traveling 60 mph in a 45 mph zone.

The female driver pulled over near 32nd Street and Mitchell Road. There were two male passengers in the vehicle. Neither was wearing a seat belt.

Jeremy Chris Hall

The driver gave police consent to search the vehicle, and everyone was asked to step out of the vehicle.

Police say 40-year-old Jeremy Chris Hall gave them a fake name. Police then learned Hall was wanted on an outstanding warrant. In his pocket, he told police he had a marijuana “bud” and a syringe. But claimed he found the syringe and it was not his.

Sgt. Bade asked Hall to hand him the illegal items, and he stuck his hands back into his pocket, as the officer attempted to grab his hand, he pulled away. He was then placed in handcuffs.

In his pocket, the officer found crystal meth, marijuana, and a syringe.

Zazu alerted officers to the odor of narcotics in the vehicle. The vehicle was searched, and two burnt hand-rolled marijuana cigarettes were found.

Hall was arrested on charges of possession of meth, unlawful possession of a syringe, and possession of marijuana and the outstanding warrant.

The driver was released with a warning for speeding along with her other passenger.