Aerial photos help provide needed assessments and safety

BEDFORD – The Lawrence County Commissioners approved a contract with EagleView to provide aerial photos for the county for property assessments and to increase safety.

April Stapp Collins

Lawrence County Assessor April Stapp Collins presented the contract for approval and signing.

EagleView’s next-generation aerial camera system captures ultra-high-resolution imagery, enabling efficient acquisition with faster delivery times. With the addition of Reveal imagery, EagleView’s library of high-resolution aerial images will provide more detail and answers than ever before.

With ultra-high-resolution imagery, local and county government departments, including property assessment, GIS, public safety, and public works, can improve their daily workflows and confidently serve their communities when inspecting remotely.

Rishi Daga

“We’re starting a resolution revolution. This groundbreaking imagery is going to dramatically change the industries we serve,” said EagleView CEO Rishi Daga. “Reveal imagery offers the most detail, clarity, and accuracy you will see in aerial imagery today.”

“This is a program for the county that will provide the ingress and egress of a property. It will allow officers, probation, and the prosecutor valuable information when searching or looking for someone in a building,” said Collins.

The program will also alert the Assessor’s Office to changes in a property.

“It will greatly help my office, especially since the county does not have zoning. It will compare photos from one year to the next, and we can see if any new buildings or expansions have been added,” added Collins. “It allows us even to measure a building. It is well worth the money.

The program will cost $44,867.55 a year. The Assessor Office’s reassessment budget will pay $27,867.55, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department will pay $1,500, the City of Bedford will pay $5,500, and Emergency Management will pay $10,000.

“What is a bonus is that the others that use the aerial photo are helping to purchase the program,” Collins concluded.