Pritchett Brothers can help prep your home for winter

BEDFORD – With cold weather incoming, the Pritchett Brothers can help you prep for winter. They are the South Central Indiana experts in roofing, siding, and gutters.

Pritchett Brothers has not only brought their expertise and knowledge of construction to the community but has become one of the leading construction companies in the area.

“At Pritchett Bros, our mission is to provide exceptional service, and your feedback motivates us to strive for excellence every day. We’re committed to meeting and exceeding expectations, ensuring every roofing project we undertake is a success.”

For 60 years, they have been able to not only help homeowners but also help the community with major historical restorations. They recently held a 60th anniversary on June 3, 2023.

Pritchett Brothers was voted BEST ROOFING COMPANY in Lawrence County and voted BEST HOME REPAIR/REMODELING COMPANY in Monroe County.

The company specializes in roofing and exteriors. They are in the top two percent of the nation being a GAF MasterElite Contractor. For 5 years running, Pritchett Brothers have gratefully been recipients of the Presidential Club Awardee and Triple Excellence Awardee with GAF.

The Pritchett Brothers’ team will walk you through the options you have and guide you based on performance and affordability for a roof repair or replacement.

Before installation day, a crew will prep the area. You may be asked to move some outdoor furniture and be prepared to keep pets inside.

On Installation day, professionals will remove the old roofing, inspect for unseen damages and make repairs as needed, lay underlayment, install your new roof, add flashing, and then clean up

While deciding on a new roof you may want to consider installing a skylight.

Skylights are a great way to bring in more natural light and add an interesting design feature to your home. But, before you install that skylight, you should consider a few things.

  • Is my roof able to support the structures of a skylight? Cutting into your roof to install the skylight needs to be done professionally to ensure it is done correctly and safely.
  • Is my roof on a slope that would work for a skylight? If your roofline is fairly flat, a skylight could collect moisture and damage your roof.
  • Will my roofing shingles allow for the installation of a skylight? Depending on the material used for your roof, proper flashing specifics need to be followed to keep everything airtight.

Schedule a free roof inspection to see if it is possible to add a skylight.

When considering buying an older home, there are elements of the structure that you should inspect carefully. One of those is the roof. There are three specific things you should consider with a roof before sealing the deal on that.

Roof Age and Condition

One of the first steps is to determine the age of the roof and assess its current condition. Older roofs are more prone to deterioration and could require additional repairs or even complete replacement. As the buyer, you should look for signs of wear and tear – missing shingles, curling, or cracking shingles, or visible signs of water damage. This process can be made much simpler by hiring a professional roof inspector to provide an in-depth assessment of the roof’s condition and estimate its remaining lifespan. This information will help you understand the potential cost and timeline for any necessary roof repairs or replacement.

Maintenance and Repair History

Another item to ask about is the roof’s maintenance and repair history. It is important to find out if regular inspections and maintenance have been conducted on the roof, and what past repairs or replacements have taken place. Adequate maintenance can extend the roof’s lifespan, while neglect or inadequate repairs may indicate potential issues. If you can, obtain documentation or gather information from the homeowner or previous owners to understand the roof’s maintenance history and any past problems that have been addressed. 

Roofing Materials and Design

Finally, you should familiarize yourself with the type of roofing materials used on your potential new home and the characteristics of those materials. Older homes may have different roofing materials and designs compared to modern construction. Different roofing materials have varying lifespans, maintenance requirements, and costs. If the roof has not been replaced in a while, you should also consider if the roofing material is readily available and if it matches your aesthetic preferences. Additionally, evaluate the roof’s design and its compatibility with local weather conditions. Certain roof designs may be more susceptible to damage from wind, heavy snow, or other climate-related factors, requiring additional considerations. 

Look at this beautiful roof! Pritchett Brothers are proud to offer a 50 Year Shingle Warranty backed by a 25-year workmanship warranty

Buying an older home has a lot of perks – you often get more character in a more established neighborhood – but they can also come with a lot of expense. Avoid buying an old house with a deteriorating roof by remembering these tips or simply hire an experienced roof inspector to help you in the process.

The office located at 108 Briarwood Lane, in Bedford, is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. and by appointment on Saturdays. You can also contact them by email at