Mitchell man fires shots to provoke neighbors and their animals

MITCHELL – A Mitchell man was arrested Tuesday, October 24 after Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department Central Dispatch received a call at 7:12 p.m. that 43-year-old Jeremiah Fulps was violating an active protective order.

Jeremiah Fulps

The caller told police, that her neighbor Fulps was harassing her and her husband and was yelling at them in an attempt to start a physical fight.

The caller said Fulps was calling them names and shooting his gun while she and her husband were outside tending to their mules. The caller said Fulps was trying to get the mules upset.

When police arrived at 198 Green Acres they were met by the caller, her husband, and the couple’s two young children.

The couple told police they were tending to one of the mules in the field between their and Fulps’ residence. Fulps was outside mowing his grass when two gunshots were fired. After the gunshots, the mules began walking west toward the property line. Fulps yelled several slurs and profanities and made hand gestures to the nearby residents as well.

The husband and his mother and grandmother then began feeding the animal when Fulps stopped his mower and began staring at them. Shortly afterward, Fulps fired his gun two more times in an attempt to scare the mules.

Two Indiana State Police troopers arrived to assist at the scene.

Officers detained Fulps on a charge of invasion of privacy and violation of a protective order.

Fulps told police he was mowing his grass when he looked over and saw his female neighbor “flipping him off”. He admitted he had said some things he should not have and fired his weapon twice into the ground. Police say Fulps appeared to be intoxicated. He claimed he had “a little bit to drink” but refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test and became belligerent with officers.

An officer transported Fulps to IU Health Hospital for a medical evaluation. While en route to the hospital, Fulps began banging his head off the partition. He then laid on his back and began kicking the partition.

Once medically cleared Fulps was transported to jail.