Notice of determination to issue bonds of the Lawrence Co. Redevelopment Commission

Taxpayers of the Lawrence County Redevelopment District (“District”), the boundaries of which are coterminous with the boundaries of Lawrence County, Indiana (“County”), are hereby notified that the Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission (“Commission”) did on October 12, 2023, adopt a resolution determining to issue bonds of the Commission (“Bond Resolution”), acting in the name of the County, in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $8,000,000, to pay the cost of acquisition and construction of economic development projects including, but not limited to, the acquisition of a shell building, in, serving or benefiting the Lehigh Economic Development Area, incidental expenses incurred in connection therewith and costs associated with the issuance of the bonds, including capitalized interest.  The bonds are payable from Tax Increment(as defined in the Bond Resolution) and, to the extent Tax Increment is not sufficient, from a special benefits tax levied on all taxable property in the District.  The bonds are to bear interest at a rate not to exceed 8.0% per annum and will mature semiannually on February 1 and August 1 over a period ending no later than twenty (20) years after the date of delivery of the Bonds.

Dated October 17 and October 24, 2023.