Monroe County tests outdoor warning sirens Wednesday, October 18th

MONROE CO. – The Monroe County Emergency Management Office will be conducting a test of the Monroe County outdoor warning sirens on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, at noon to ensure the quality of the sirens.

This test will be an additional test of the warning sirens from the regular monthly tests.

Justin Baker

“It is our goal as an Emergency Management Agency to ensure that our outdoor warning sirens are working properly and are able to be activated correctly for the safety of Monroe County citizens,” states Justin Baker, Deputy Director of Monroe County Emergency Management.

The purpose of the sirens is to give an advanced warning to members of the public who may be caught outdoors or driving during a severe weather threat.

“Many Indiana citizens know that weather conditions can change very quickly, so these sirens can help get everyone to a safer location when a weather threat is upon us,” adds Baker.

An adequate warning of severe weather is crucial so that people can prepare and take action to keep themselves and their families safe. These sirens, along with other weather alert systems, play a factor in the safety of everyone during a weather threat.

For any questions, contact the Emergency Management Agency at
or at 812-349-2533.