Attorney General Todd Rokita takes a strong stance in support of Israel

INDIANAPOLIS – Within hours of the horrific attack on Israel, Attorney General Rokita on social media addressed the unprecedented terrorism that claimed the lives of innocent civilians:

Todd Rokita

“The attack on Israel is a direct result of America’s current weakness on the world stage. It started with Biden’s election, continued with his bungling of the Afghanistan exit, bowing to China, and most recently, giving $6 billion to Iran, which is sponsoring this war against Israel.

Biden is weak to the world, but he overreaches into our own state sovereignty and the personal lives of Hoosiers daily. I will keep successfully fighting him off when it comes to our state. And I will keep fighting China, as promised. I call on the Governor to light up the Statehouse in white and blue in support of our brothers and sisters in Israel.”

This was quickly followed by a letter to Governor Holcomb advocating for lighting the Indiana Statehouse in blue and white in solidarity with Israel and noting the death of Mayor Ofir Libstein of the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council — who recently visited Indianapolis.

“Dear Governor Holcomb, 

This weekend, the world watched in shock and horror as Hamas invaded Israel in the deadliest attack against the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Iranian-backed terrorists are targeting women, children, and other innocent civilians. A good friend to many in Indiana, Mayor Ofir Libstein of the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, who recently visited Indianapolis to instill pride in Jewish youth, was among those murdered Saturday morning protecting his home and family. And recent reports show at least 9 American lives have been lost. This is an attack on democracy and our shared values. 

Israel has been a longstanding ally of the United States, and Indiana specifically. Multiple Israeli companies have established themselves in Indiana, many of which are a result of your recent economic development efforts. Indiana leads the National Guard’s partnership in homeland defense cooperation with the Israeli Defense Force’s Home Front Command. Many of the Jewish faiths call our state home because Hoosiers share their democratic values and a vision of a secure, free, and prosperous world. 

Allies all over the world are using iconic landmarks to show their support for Israel. The Israeli Embassy has suggested illuminating Capitol Buildings in Blue and White, the colors of the Israeli flag. Lighting the Indiana State Capitol would not only be a meaningful gesture to our Jewish community in Indiana, but it would send a powerful message of unwavering support to our friends in the Middle East. Therefore, I add my voice to the many, no doubt who are requesting that you direct our relevant agencies to highlight our Statehouse – the most visible symbol and manifestation of our state government – in blue and white light, so it is clear during the evening hours that Indiana stands with Israel.  

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to hearing about any developments related to this matter.”