Teen hits woman and child with a broom and is detained

BEDFORD – A 13-year-old female was arrested Wednesday after Bedford Police officers were requested to the 2000 block of F Street after a report of a domestic fight.

When officers arrived at 8:09 p.m. the woman reported the teenage female who assaulted her was downstairs in her bedroom and she wanted to file charges.

Police were unable to get the teen to open her door, therefore the woman provided them with the key that unlocked the door.

The woman told police the teen came up the stairs and asked for her medication. She then blocked the door to the basement preventing the woman from being able to go downstairs. The woman was finally able to follow the teen downstairs and enter her bedroom.

The woman saw an ice cream cake and asked how she got it. The teen stated she had kicked a hole in their laundry room door. 

The teen then kicked the woman’s backside, causing her to fall. The woman attempted to call 911, but the teen began punching the woman in the arms in an effort to prevent her from calling the police. The teen then caused the woman to fall over a laundry basket. The woman went upstairs and the teen followed picking up a broom in the kitchen. It was at that time the teen began swinging the broom hitting the woman who was holding a child. Both the woman and the child she was holding were injured. The teen then ran downstairs and locked herself in the bedroom.

The woman complained of pain in her shoulder, right hand, arms, and buttocks. The child she was holding complained of pain in her left arm.

The 13-year-old female was detained and transported to the Bedford Police Department on charges of interfering in reporting a crime and two counts of domestic battery. She was released with a promise to appear in Lawrence County Juvenile Court on October 11, 2023, at 9 a.m.