Mitchell man admits to buying meth in Indy and then selling the drug on his travels home

BEDFORD – A Bedford Police officer arrested a Mitchell man on drug charges after they stopped his vehicle on Dixie Highway and Tresselview Drive for a false or fictitious license plate.

The driver 31-year-old Ashton Beavers told police he knew the license plate belonged to his F-250 but he just purchased the vehicle about a month ago. Ashton told police he had just returned from Indianapolis.

Ashton Beavers

The officer wrote Beavers a warning for the infraction and requested permission to search the vehicle.

In the vehicle in the console, officers found a baggy that contained crystal meth.

Beavers told the officers he purchased six grams of the drug in Indianapolis and he sold 2.5 grams to someone on the way home. However, there were only two grams left in the baggy.

He refused to tell police who he purchased the meth from or who he sold it to.

He was detained on charges of dealing and possession of meth.

His vehicle was towed by Stone City Service & Collision Center.