Two leading companies to Co-Chair Safety Committee

CROWN POINT – With the addition of a new co-chair, the NWIBRT Safety Committee is now helmed by representatives from two leading employers in the Northwest Indiana region. Experts in construction industry safety from both Cargill and BP will now be working together to lead the committee and develop new ways to improve safety across numerous companies and jobsites in the area. 

Aaron Janovitz

Aaron Janovitz, a Health and Safety Superintendent at bp, will now be joining longtime Safety Committee leader Rick Foor, Health and Safety Manager at the Hammond Cargill facility, in heading the committee. Both gentlemen will share the title of co-chair.

Rick Foor

“The whole purpose of the Safety Committee is to bring owner companies, contractors, and suppliers together to collaborate on ways to improve the safety performance of every entity involved in construction and maintenance projects,” said Janovitz. “One of the interesting things about this committee is that even though some of the companies may be competitors, they still bring everything they’ve learned about safety to the committee to share best practices. Every company involved is focused on creating a safer future for each employee on their projects.”

“As one of the largest construction owner companies in the greater Chicagoland area, bp is uniquely positioned to be a nexus of information when it comes to improvements that can be made in safety. Our association is very enthusiastic to add Aaron as a new co-chair on the Safety Committee and we look forward to working more closely with his organization and expertise. Ultimately, more participation from companies like bp will lead us to a much safer, more prosperous construction industry,” Foor added.

About NWIBRT: The Northwest Indiana Business RoundTable (NWIBRT) is an independent, non-profit council of local firms committed to the improvement of construction and maintenance projects in Northwest Indiana.