Sheriff and County highway complete road studies

BEDFORD – On August 8th Sheriff Day and Highway Superintendent Brandi Webb conducted traffic studies on multiple roads where officials received requests or complaints about stop signs or speed limits.

Sheriff Greg Day presented that highway study to the Lawrence County Commissioners this morning.

Left to right: President Dustin Gabhart, Rodney Fish and Attorney David Smith

Here are the findings of that study:

  • Leatherwood Road, from Shawswick School Road to Standish Steel Road, should have a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour due to the narrow roadway, sharp curves, and several driveway access.
  • A stop sign will be placed at the intersection of BJ Boulevard and Corrie Lane. Upon entering Hillside Estates Corrie Lane turns into BJ Boulevard which is a circular housing addition road that intersects back. Both Noel Court and Corry Court intersections have a stop sign but there is no stop sign at BJ Boulevard and Corrie Lane. This is an intersection with no clear right of way. A stop sign will make this intersection controlled as safely as the other two intersections.
  • All other roads examined – Mt. Pleasant, Leesville, and Fort Ritner have established speed limits and some signs are in place but additional speed limit signs are needed and will be placed by the highway department.

The commissioners agreed to the changes. County Attorney David Smith will now draft an ordinance on the requested changes and the commissioners will vote on that ordinance at their next meeting.