UPS workers may go on strike unless an agreement is reached

INDIANA – Around 340,000 UPS workers may go on strike at the end of the month unless an agreement on employees’ contracts can be quickly reached between the company and union members.

CNN reports negotiations are set to resume next week after the two sides walked away from the bargaining table earlier this month.

“As thousands of UPS Teamsters practice picket, rally, and mobilize around the country, UPS bowed today to the overwhelming show of Teamster unity and reached out to the union to resume negotiations. The Teamsters National Negotiating Committee and the company will set dates soon to resume negotiations next week,” the UPS Teamsters said in a statement about the renewed negotiations Wednesday.

UPS is urging quick action to finalize the deal.

Both sides say about 95% of the deal has already been agreed upon but a few key issues remain open. UPS agreed to put air-conditioning in new vehicles and retrofit old ones with fans. They also agreed to make updates to their wage system but there are still disagreements about worker pay.

If the strike goes forward, it could cost the US economy $7.1 billion — making it the costliest work stoppage ever in US history, economic experts say.