Two arrests made when Bedford police locate guns, money, marijuana, mushrooms, and much more

BEDFORD – Two Bedford men were arrested for dealing drugs after Bedford Police officers were called to 2103 H Street on Tuesday, May 23 following a report of a civil dispute.

When police arrived, they were met by a female and 22-year-old Jake Ketcham. Ketcham and the female were arguing over the property.

Ketcham told the officers he had a notarized copy of a Word document that he had written eliminating the female’s claim to the house and other jointly owned property.

Ketcham’s mother and Ketcham became argumentative and yelled at the officers and the female. Both were told to stop but Ketcham continued, telling officers “he could do what he wanted at his house”.

Police then detected the odor of marijuana coming from the house.

Ketcham’s mother told Ketcham to go inside and an officer instructed him not to go inside. Ketcham then moved quickly toward the front door and was told to stop. However, Ketcham continued and entered the home. He then slammed the door and locked the door, “flipping officers off through the window.”

Ketcham was given several opportunities to open the door and exit but he refused. Officers then forced the door open. Once inside Ketcham began fighting with the officers and pulled away from them. Ketcham continued to be combative and was taken to the ground where he continued swinging his arms and flailing. He then stood up and attempted to flee. While fighting with Ketcham, his mother grabbed one of the officers by his vest from behind attempting to move the officer away from Ketcham. She was forcibly removed from the situation. Once outside Ketcham was taken to the ground and continued to thrash and violently pull away from the officers. He was ultimately subdued and placed in handcuffs and escorted to a police car.

His mother exited the home and continued to yell at the officers. Ketcham’s mother, the female, and her daughter were released from the scene. Officers then secured the home and requested a search warrant.

Ketcham was transported to the Bedford Police Department. While being transported Ketcham continued to yell and be uncooperative. Once at the station, Ketcham requested medical attention because he was suffering from a headache. An IU LifeLine ambulance responded and Ketcham was medically cleared.

Jake Ketcham

Ketcham was arrested on charges of battery with bodily injury, dealing a controlled substance, dealing and possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice, money laundering, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A search warrant was granted by Judge Nathan Nikirk for the home at 2103 H Street and was executed at 2:30 p.m.

During the search, police seized $18, 600.96, a Ziplock bag of psilocybin mushrooms weighing 29 grams, a 2023 Dodge Challenger Scatpack, two long guns, a revolver, four semi-automatic pistols, two one-pound packages of marijuana, a box of 100 “Glo” THC cartridges, 10 open empty packages similar to the one pound bag of marijuana with marijuana residue inside, six empty 100 pk “Glo” THC cartridges, two scales with marijuana residue, numerous Ziplock and vacuum sealed baggies, a bill counter, a heat sealer with marijuana residue, substantial amounts of glass smoking devices with marijuana residue, several THC vape pens along with various other smoking devices and packing materials with marijuana residue.

Police also found a false wall in the shed that contained several plastic totes and a duffle bag. In several toolboxes, police found more drug paraphernalia, including pipes, scales, rolling papers, rolling trays an AR-style pistol with a full magazine.

In a backpack, police found a scale and packaging materials. In a Challenger police located $1,168 and a revolver. In the master bedroom police located $17,432. 96, a Ziplock bag containing psilocybin mushrooms, two semi-automatic pistols, THC vapes, THC vape cartridges, and glass smoking devices were found.

Police noted that “Blippi”, a children’s TV program, was playing on the TV in the master bedroom, indicating that the toddler child spends time in the room. She was also located in the bedroom with her mother when officers initially entered the home. A loaded, unsecured semi-auto pistol was located in an unsecured kitchen drawer was also located. Both long guns were located in a large safe in the living room.

After the execution of the search warrant at 2103 H Street, officers applied for an additional search warrant for 476 North 9 Street in Mitchell after receiving credible information that Ketcham had moved a majority of his drug operation to this residence.

The owner of that home was Damian Davis, a friend of Ketcham’s and one of his regular clients.

Damian Davis

A warrant was issued by Judge Nathan Nikirk for the home at 476 North 9th Street in Mitchell.

At 6:18 p.m., the Bedford Police Department SWAT team responded to execute that warrant due to possible weapons in the home.

During the search, police found two unopened and sealed boxes of 100 “Glo” THC cartridges, various THC smoking devices, various TCH cartridges, several empty “Glo” THC 100-count packages, various smoking devices, rolling papers, glass smoking devices, and packaging materials.

Damian Davis, 20, of Bedford, was arrested on charges of dealing and possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.