Man accused of following his girlfriend and their child in vehicle after domestic dispute

MITCHELL – A Mitchell man was arrested on Tuesday, May 9th after a report of a woman being followed by her boyfriend.

The caller told Central Dispatch she was in her vehicle with her 5-month-old baby with her and was scared. The dispatcher told the woman to drive to the Mitchell Police Department. When the woman arrived at the police department, Police Chief Troy Lobosky was outside the station and watched the male in a red Ford follow the woman to the station.

The woman said she was in a domestic dispute with 30-year-old Devin Luchauer earlier that morning at a home in the 7000 block of State Road 60 West.

Devin Luchauer

Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to the Mitchell Police Department. The woman told the deputies she was helping Luchauer get ready for work that morning but she had not made breakfast. He was upset about breakfast not being made. He began yelling and slamming the door to the fridge breaking it. Once he left for work, she left the house to take Luchauer’s energy drinks and breakfast to his place of employment. On her way there, she got lost, and that made Luchauer upset again.

She returned home and packed some belongings so she could stay somewhere else due to Luchauer’s behavior. Luchauer came home and parked behind her vehicle. She hurried to her vehicle got inside and locked the doors. He then prevented her from leaving the home blocking her vehicle with his vehicle. She was finally able to get out of the driveway but Luchauer began following her and that is when she called 911.

Police then spoke to Luchauer, who told police that they both “woke up mad” and it escalated into an argument. He said he was in a hurry to get to work and he did slam the refrigerator door and it caused the condiments to fall out of the fridge. Once at work, he got worried she was going to leave with the baby so he left work. When he arrived home he found the female had packed some belongings and he got on his knees and begged her to stay. She then agreed to let him follow her to her grandmother’s house. But instead, she drove to the Mitchell Police Department. He denied blocking her vehicle in the driveway, saying he just parked behind her vehicle in the driveway like he always does.

Luchauer was detained on charges of criminal confinement and intimidation.