No. 4 Bluejackets struggle at the plate in 12-3 loss to Edgewood

By Noah Dalton

MITCHELL – For the first time this season, No. 4 ranked Mitchell High School dropped their second straight game on Monday, falling at the hands of Edgewood in decisive fashion 12-3.

The Bluejackets, who have averaged around nine hits per game this season, found themselves struggling at the plate against the Mustangs, finishing the game with just five hits compared to 13 from their opponent.

Edgewood pitcher Ziggy Teran threw the majority of the game for his team, pitching five innings where he allowed two hits, walked two, and struck out seven.

Mitchell head coach Jerry Chaney said he felt Teran was able to throw off his team’s batters throughout his time at the mound with a variety of pitches.

“I thought their pitcher did a nice job. I mean, he was throwing it about 84, 85 and had a nice curve and a good changeup and he kept us off balance really well. He started ahead and he stayed ahead of us and I thought he did a nice job,” said Chaney.

After both teams scored in the first inning, the Mustangs broke the tie by scoring three in the second after loading the bases early with just one out.

Though the Bluejackets would find a few more runs in the game, they were unable to keep up with Edgewood’s offense, who gave themselves a comfortable nine-run lead after they scored five in the fifth.

Entering the bottom of the seventh down 12-2, Mitchell played one of their best periods of the game with their backs against the wall, though it ultimately was not enough to change the final result.

Mitchell’s Simon Gaines swings during an at-bat against Edgewood

After two quick outs, Simon Gaines doubled to left field, followed by AJ Sarver drawing a walk. With runners on second and first, Ben Seitzinger stepped to the plate, hitting a single to drive home Gaines and advance Sarver to second. Carsyn Herald watched four straight balls in the following at-bat to load the bases for the Bluejackets, before the final out was recorded.

“We had a couple of nice hits there at the end and we kind of battled back and I think we could have put more runs up but it’s tough. It’s a mental game when you get down that much and we got down and it hurt us,” Chaney said.

Despite the result, Chaney commended the performance of relief pitcher AJ Sarver, who threw 85 pitches in four innings for Mitchell. In that time, he allowed nine hits and seven earned runs, along with six strikeouts.

AJ Sarver winds up to throw pitch for Mitchell against Edgewood

“I thought AJ Sarver pitched his guts out. I mean, we’ve got all these games this week. I think we’ve got six or eight games. We had a doubleheader on JV Saturday and AJ came out here and threw 85 pitches and just kept us in the game and he did a really good job. I know maybe it doesn’t show on the scoreboard but I’m super proud of him,” Chaney said. “I just thought he battled. I mean, he wasn’t afraid. He stepped up and he threw strikes and that’s what we wanted from him.”

Two Mitchell batters finished the game with two hits, those being Gaines and Seitzinger, who also had two RBIs on the night.

Coming off a 13-1 loss at the hands of Bedford North-Lawrence, a second straight loss in this fashion is certainly not what the Bluejackets envisioned.

Chaney said the team hasn’t played their best ball over the past few games and has been made to pay for it.

“We’ve picked a couple of bad games not to play well. And tonight, I thought Edgewood got a lot of breaks that we didn’t get and baseball is a funny game, you know, we made a couple of mistakes and they capitalized with a couple of little hits and little ground balls that went and took advantage of us,” he said. “And again, we picked a bad night not to play well, and it’s two games in a row that we’ve not played well. We’ll turn it around.”


Edgewoodmore stats
Mack Headdy434010
Isaac Lawson310012
Carson Druckrey411311
Andrew Good421211
Brayden Ault514401
Anthony Shields000000
Aaron Murphy100001
Will Lawson400010
Jake Boggs311001
Trey Boyer100011
Ziggy Teran311002
Gunner Perry321011
Carter Hayden000000
Nolan Hudson

Batting2B: Andrew Good
3B: Gunner Perry
HR: Brayden Ault
TB: Brayden Ault 7, Jake Boggs, Mack Headdy 4, Andrew Good 2, Carson Druckrey, Ziggy Teran, Gunner Perry 3
RBI: Brayden Ault 4, Andrew Good 2, Carson Druckrey 3
ROE: Will Lawson 2, Carson Druckrey
FC: Andrew Good, Isaac Lawson
HBP: Isaac Lawson
SB: Mack Headdy
CS: Will Lawson, Carter Hayden
TotalsTeam QAB: 21 (48.84%)
Will Lawson 2, Brayden Ault 3, Jake Boggs 2, Mack Headdy 2, Andrew Good 2, Isaac Lawson 2, Carson Druckrey 2, Ziggy Teran, Aaron Murphy, Trey Boyer, Gunner Perry 3

Team LOB: 10FieldingE: Nolan Hudson 2, Ziggy Teran 2

Mitchellmore stats
Simon Gaines422000
AJ Sarver311011
Ben Seitzinger402200
Owen Modglin000000
Carsyn Herald200021
Bryson Zeeks400002
Ethan Turner200010
Gibson Glassco300000
Kody Earl200001
Connor Teague100000
Ashton Luman300003
Jaydan King
Aiden Premo

Batting2B: Simon Gaines 2
TB: Simon Gaines 4, AJ Sarver, Ben Seitzinger 2
RBI: Ben Seitzinger 2
ROE: Simon Gaines, AJ Sarver
FC: Ben Seitzinger
SB: Ben Seitzinger
TotalsTeam QAB: 14 (43.75%)
Simon Gaines, Ethan Turner 2, Carsyn Herald 3, Gibson Glassco, AJ Sarver 3, Ben Seitzinger 3, Bryson Zeeks

Team LOB: 8FieldingE: Simon Gaines, Ben Seitzinger, Bryson Zeeks

Edgewoodmore stats
Ziggy Teran5.079.658220720
Anthony Shields2.032.594211120

PitchingW: Ziggy Teran
WP: Anthony Shields, Ziggy Teran
Pitches-Strikes: Anthony Shields 32-19, Ziggy Teran 79-52
Groundouts-Flyouts: Anthony Shields 2-3, Ziggy Teran 3-4
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Anthony Shields 7-10, Ziggy Teran 14-22

Mitchellmore stats
Simon Gaines2.053.566343440
AJ Sarver4.085.647977621
Ashton Luman1.013.615110110

PitchingL: Simon Gaines
HBP: Simon Gaines
WP: Simon Gaines, AJ Sarver
Pitches-Strikes: Simon Gaines 53-30, Ashton Luman 13-8, AJ Sarver 85-55
Groundouts-Flyouts: Simon Gaines 1-0, Ashton Luman 0-1, AJ Sarver 1-3
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Simon Gaines 7-15, Ashton Luman 3-5, AJ Sarver 14-23