Property Transfers: May 8, 2023

Filed May 1

  • Estate of Dixie Lea Britton to Michele R. Jensen, 4919 N. Old State Road 37, Springville, $287,900
  • Derrick and Teri K. Fields to DMS Holdings LLC, 1118 Vinegar Hill Road, Bedford, $90,000
  • Dakota C. Terrell to Gary M. and Kathy A. Scott, 1505 22nd St., Bedford, $215,000
  • Faye Ellen Spicer to Stephanie Brooke Gerkin and Ryan Dean Canada, 1522 15th St., Bedford, $38,000
  • Mark Tumey to Harry N. and Linda K. Cooper, 36 Lincoln Ave., Bedford, $127,000
  • Greg Day, as Sheriff of Lawrence County, to Murphy Partners, 270 Burkwood Hills Lane, Springville, Sheriff Sale or Tax Sale, $150,001
  • Alvin L. Strunk and Jaimee R. Deer-Strunk to David Dewayne and Pamela E. Hawkins, lot 2, S side, 0.30A, Popcorn Road, Springville, $10,000
  • The Estate of Jerry D. Bell, deceased, to Bradley Allen Marsh, 3150 Mitchell Road, Bedford, $215,000
  • Scott E. and Jill D. Vaught to Brandon Lee Prince, 1026 17th St., Bedford, $94,500
  • Brenda S. Kunkle to Kirk R. and Angela J. Kunkle, 105 W. 8th St., Oolitic, $40,000
  • Wesley Cottengaim to Michael Storms, 63 Walnut St., Huron, $10,000
  • Gary L. Pruett to Eric Parker, 614 W. Mississippi Ave., Mitchell, $80,000
  • Spyglass Hill Ventures LLC to Ronald Lannan and Susan McKeen, 820 Spyglass Hill Dr., Bedford, $60,000
  • The Estate of Larry D. Wease, deceased, to LMT2 Properties LLC, 528 J St., Bedford, $75,000

Filed May 3

  • Kathy Mowery and Tina Bex to Francena Beasley, 1911 Spencer Pike Road, Springville, $65,000
  • Leslie A. Downey to JJAC Properties LLC, 1510 21st St., Bedford, $149,900
  • Perry E. Mullis to T.W. III Enterprises LLC, 405 W. Grissom Ave., Mitchell, $25,000
  • Tiffany J. Baugh to Jacob Brazzell, 100 Park Lane, Oolitic, $172,500

Filed May 4

  • Jame M. and Marcia M. Blackburn to Stanley and Randi Clark, 1329 Lawrence Port Main, Mitchell, $7,000
  • Greg Day, as Lawrence County Sheriff, to K and S Home Improvements LLC, 3314 Peerless Road, Bedford, Sheriff Sale or Tax Sale, $80,000
  • Trent and Kimberly Wingler to Logan Guthrie, SEC 16 twp 4 R2E, 0.27A pt SW SW SW, River Road, Bedford, $20,000
  • Abigail G. Layton to Mark A. Horlings, 1253 Fayetteville Owen Road, Bedford, $175,000
  • Norma J. Padgett to Kevin M. and Joyce A. Hawkins, 1377 Clover Lane, Mitchell, $267,000
  • Jonathan B. and Carol R. Taylor to Phyllis Wilson, 102 W. Vine St., Mitchell, $192,500
  • Hoosier Horse Camp LLC to Carrie D. Creekmore, 10390 State Road 58 E., Norman, $249,900
  • Greg Day, as Lawrence County Sheriff, to Crane Credit Union, 770 Sasser Dr., Bedford, Sheriff Sale or Tax Sale, $155,503.29
  • Lakin and Jacob Taylor to Nancy Sue Piper, 683 Sunny Acres Dr., Bedford, $120,800