North Daviess beat No. 4 Bluejackets in walk-off fashion to end high scoring matchup

By Noah Dalton

ELNORA – For just the third time this season in 17 games, No. 4 ranked Mitchell High School were beaten on Monday, falling at the hands of North Daviess in a high scoring 14-13 matchup via a walk-off from Cougars’ hitter Elliott Park.

The Bluejackets entered the bottom of the seventh with a four-run lead, 13-9, before a final rally from North Daviess saw them tally four hits and five runs in the inning to close the game. In the final at bat, Park singled to left field to score the winning two runners, Colin Wagler and Will Wagler.

Both teams were scoreless until the third, when the Cougars were able to pick up six runs. They kicked the inning off with four straight base hits, including an RBI from Brock Knepp.

The Bluejackets were able to record back-to-back outs, the first of which was a sacrifice fly by Cam Sassano that scored a run, before allowing the next five batters to reach base, walking two with the bases loaded, before recording the final out.

Mitchell battled back in the top of the fourth, scoring six runs of their own to tie the game. The Bluejackets loaded the bases to start the inning, setting up Gibson Glassco to step to the plate for a two-run double. In the next at bat, Kody Earl singled to right field to clear the bases.

North Daviess would commit an error attempting to field a bunt from Ashton Luman in the following at bat, allowing him to reach base and moving Earl to third, where he’d be brought home by a single from base knock from Simon Gaines. Luman was the final Mitchell runner to cross home in the period, scoring on a sacrifice fly from Ben Seitzinger.

Luman, Gaines and Sarver would all bat in runs in the top of the fifth to give Mitchell a 10-6 lead, though North Daviess would respond with three runs in the bottom of the inning thanks to a home run from Landon Swartzentruber and a two-run hit from Colin Kemp.

Neither team scored again until the top of the seventh, when the Bluejackets managed to score three runs without recording a hit in the inning. Three straight Mitchell batters, Earl, Gaines and AJ Sarver, drew walks before a throw from Cougars’ pitcher Tyler Stoll hit Seitzinger, advancing him to first and bringing home Earl. A few at bats later, an error from the North Daviess defense gave way for Gaines and Sarver score.

The Bluejackets finished with 10 hits for the game. Four batters each finished with two hits, those being Gaines, Sarver, Glassco and Ethan Turner. The team also had 10 RBIs, led by Gaines who batted in three runs.

Four pitchers shared time at the mound for Mitchell throughout the game, Gaines, Earl, Luman and Seitzinger. They combined to allow 17 hits and five earned runs.


Mitchellmore stats
Simon Gaines312310
AJ Sarver412110
Ben Seitzinger300202
Carsyn Herald410010
Bryson Zeeks220020
Ethan Turner322000
Gibson Glassco522201
Kody Earl321211
Ashton Luman421001
Jaydan King000000
Aiden Premo

Batting2B: Gibson Glassco
TB: Kody Earl, Simon Gaines 2, Gibson Glassco 3, Ashton Luman, AJ Sarver 2, Ethan Turner 2
RBI: Kody Earl 2, Simon Gaines 3, Gibson Glassco 2, AJ Sarver, Ben Seitzinger 2
SF: Ben Seitzinger
ROE: Ashton Luman
FC: Carsyn Herald, AJ Sarver
HBP: Simon Gaines, Ben Seitzinger, Ethan Turner 2, Bryson Zeeks
SB: Bryson Zeeks
TotalsTeam QAB: 16 (37.21%)
Kody Earl, Simon Gaines 3, Gibson Glassco 3, Carsyn Herald 2, Ashton Luman, AJ Sarver 2, Ben Seitzinger 2, Bryson Zeeks 2

Team LOB: 9FieldingE: Kody Earl 2, Ashton Luman, Ben Seitzinger
DP: Simon Gaines, Gibson Glassco, Ben Seitzinger

North Daviessmore stats
Elliott Park523311
Brock Knepp323210
Zach Stoll511000
Colin Kemp524200
Cam Sassano311300
Jackson Bauer500000
Colin Wagler010000
Landon Swartzentruber421101
Tyler Stoll411000
Will Wagler111100
Colton McNabb312010
Brayton Knepp000000
Tyce Knepp
Caleb Miller
Aden Graber

Batting2B: Cam Sassano, Colton McNabb
HR: Landon Swartzentruber
TB: Elliott Park 3, Brock Knepp 3, Zach Stoll, Colin Kemp 4, Cam Sassano 2, Landon Swartzentruber 4, Tyler Stoll, Colton McNabb 3, Will Wagler
RBI: Elliott Park 3, Brock Knepp 2, Colin Kemp 2, Cam Sassano 3, Landon Swartzentruber, Will Wagler
SF: Cam Sassano
ROE: Colin Kemp, Jackson Bauer, Tyler Stoll
FC: Zach Stoll
HBP: Brock Knepp, Cam Sassano, Landon Swartzentruber, Colton McNabb
GIDP: Cam Sassano
SB: Tyler Stoll
TotalsTeam QAB: 20 (43.48%)
Elliott Park 2, Brock Knepp 3, Zach Stoll, Colin Kemp 3, Cam Sassano 2, Jackson Bauer 3, Landon Swartzentruber 2, Colton McNabb 3, Will Wagler

Team LOB: 10FieldingE: Zach Stoll, Tyce Knepp

Mitchellmore stats
Simon Gaines2.260.683762110
Kody Earl2.148.625533021
Ashton Luman1.128.714340100
Ben Seitzinger0.112.667211000

PitchingL: Ashton Luman
HBP: Kody Earl 2, Simon Gaines, Ben Seitzinger
WP: Simon Gaines
Pitches-Strikes: Kody Earl 48-30, Simon Gaines 60-41, Ashton Luman 28-20, Ben Seitzinger 12-8
Groundouts-Flyouts: Kody Earl 3-3, Simon Gaines 2-4, Ashton Luman 1-2, Ben Seitzinger 0-1
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Kody Earl 11-15, Simon Gaines 9-18, Ashton Luman 5-9, Ben Seitzinger 3-4

North Daviessmore stats
Colin Kemp3.057.614564420
Cam Sassano1.135.629544000
Tyler Stoll2.150.400033040
Aden Graber0.14.750000100
Tyce Knepp0.00.000000000

PitchingW: Aden Graber
HBP: Colin Kemp 2, Cam Sassano, Tyler Stoll 2
WP: Colin Kemp
Pitches-Strikes: Colin Kemp 57-35, Cam Sassano 35-22, Tyler Stoll 50-20, Tyce Knepp 0-0, Aden Graber 4-3
Groundouts-Flyouts: Colin Kemp 1-4, Cam Sassano 0-3, Tyler Stoll 1-5, Tyce Knepp 0-0, Aden Graber 0-0
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Colin Kemp 12-19, Cam Sassano 4-10, Tyler Stoll 5-13, Tyce Knepp 0-0, Aden Graber 1-1