Bluejackets score combined 24 runs in blowout wins over Paoli, Shoals

By Noah Dalton

MITCHELL – Mitchell High School as improved to 8-1 on the season after back-to-back blowout wins, beating Paoli 11-1 on Friday before following that with another victory over Shoals, this time by a margin of 13-1.

Mitchell’s Ethan Turner crosses home plate after a hit from Gibson Glassco

The Bluejackets were propelled to beating the fellow Patoka Lake Athletic Conference Rams on Friday thanks largely to a huge second inning at the plate, where they jumped out to a commanding 6-0 lead. In the second, Mitchell tallied four of their nine hits in the game, while also managing to draw three walks from Paoli pitcher Tyler Hannon. Bluejackets’ batters Gibson Glassco, AJ Sarver, Ben Seitzinger and Simon Gaines each batted in runs during the inning.

They would continue to score, adding four more runs in the next two innings before increasing their lead to double digits in the fifth inning, invoking the IHSAA mercy rule to end the game.

Seitzinger pitched the majority of the game for Mitchell, throwing 62 pitches for four innings, striking out six batters and giving up three hits. He also finished the game with a team-high three RBIs and two hits.

Mitchell’s Ben Seitzinger prepares to throw a pitch at the mound against Paoli on Friday

Gaines and Bryson Zeeks also each finished the game with two hits, with Glassco and Sarver both adding two RBIs.

Against the Jug Rox the following day, The Bluejackets’ offensive tear continued, particularly for Gaines, who slammed three home runs against Shoals, batting in six of Mitchell’s 13 runs.

Gaines, who is now up to four HRs on the season, finished the game 3-4 from the plate, hitting three straight homers after striking out in his first at bat.

Mitchell’s Simon Gaines swings during an at bat against Paoli on Friday

For the second game in a row, the Bluejackets were victorious after invoking the mercy rule with a 12-run lead at the end of the fifth inning.

In addition to Gaines’ big game, four other Mitchell batters finished the game with multiple hits; Sarver, Seitzinger, Carsyn Herald and Ethan Turner.

Ashton Luman pitched all five innings for the Bluejackets on Saturday, giving up just two hits on his way to six strikeouts.

Still undefeated in PLAC play, Mitchell will face another conference opponent in Crawford County (0-6) in the next time they take the field on Monday.

Mitchell catcher Carsyn Herald attempts to tag Paoli’s Cooper Spires as he looks to score

Stats vs Paoli

Mitchellmore stats
AJ Sarver321210
Ben Seitzinger412300
Simon Gaines312110
Carsyn Herald300000
Ethan Turner110120
Kody Earl020120
Bryson Zeeks312100
Gibson Glassco311200
Ashton Luman221011
Connor Teague000000
Owen Modglin
Aiden Premo

Batting2B: Simon Gaines, Ashton Luman, Ben Seitzinger 2, Bryson Zeeks
TB: Simon Gaines 3, Gibson Glassco, Ashton Luman 2, AJ Sarver, Ben Seitzinger 4, Bryson Zeeks 3
RBI: Kody Earl, Simon Gaines, Gibson Glassco 2, AJ Sarver 2, Ben Seitzinger 3, Ethan Turner, Bryson Zeeks
SF: Kody Earl
HBP: Carsyn Herald
SB: Simon Gaines
TotalsTeam QAB: 23 (74.19%)
Kody Earl 3, Simon Gaines 4, Gibson Glassco, Carsyn Herald, Ashton Luman 2, AJ Sarver 3, Ben Seitzinger 3, Ethan Turner 3, Bryson Zeeks 3

Team LOB: 5FieldingE: Carsyn Herald

Paolimore stats
C Spires312000
T Rominger300002
T Hannon200011
K Hughes300000
B Cook201000
W Milner201001
J Reynolds200001
T Street100001
G Hickman000000
C Busick100001
T Minton200000
P Baker

Batting2B: B Cook
TB: W Milner, B Cook 2, C Spires 2
ROE: K Hughes, T Rominger
SB: C Spires 2, T Rominger 2
TotalsTeam QAB: 9 (40.91%)
T Minton, B Cook, C Spires 3, T Street, T Rominger 2, T Hannon

Team LOB: 6FieldingDP: C Spires, K Hughes

Mitchellmore stats
Ben Seitzinger4.062. 694310600
Simon Gaines1.016. 500100110
Totals5.078. 654410710

PitchingPitches-Strikes: Simon Gaines 16-8, Ben Seitzinger 62-43
Groundouts-Flyouts: Simon Gaines 1-1, Ben Seitzinger 4-2
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Simon Gaines 3-5, Ben Seitzinger 14-17

Paolimore stats
T Hannon1.132. 344255030
C Spires1.245. 511555120
W Milner2.029. 483211020
Totals5.0106. 45391111170

PitchingHBP: C Spires
WP: C Spires 3
Pitches-Strikes: W Milner 29-14, C Spires 45-23, T Hannon 32-11
Groundouts-Flyouts: W Milner 2-3, C Spires 3-1, T Hannon 1-3
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: W Milner 4-9, C Spires 8-13, T Hannon 2-9

Stats vs Shoals

Mitchellmore stats
AJ Sarver422102
Ben Seitzinger332210
Simon Gaines433601
Carsyn Herald312000
Ethan Turner312101
Owen Modglin100000
Kody Earl301001
Bryson Zeeks310001
Gibson Glassco321001
Ashton Luman300002
Aiden Premo100000

Batting2B: Ethan Turner
3B: Ben Seitzinger
HR: Simon Gaines 3
TB: Kody Earl, Simon Gaines 12, Gibson Glassco, Carsyn Herald 2, AJ Sarver 2, Ben Seitzinger 4, Ethan Turner 3
RBI: Simon Gaines 6, AJ Sarver, Ben Seitzinger 2, Ethan Turner
ROE: Kody Earl, Gibson Glassco, Carsyn Herald, Bryson Zeeks
FC: Bryson Zeeks
SB: Kody Earl, Gibson Glassco, Carsyn Herald, Ben Seitzinger
TotalsTeam QAB: 15 (46.88%)
Kody Earl 2, Simon Gaines 4, Gibson Glassco 2, AJ Sarver 2, Ben Seitzinger 3, Ethan Turner, Bryson Zeeks

Team LOB: 13FieldingDP: Kody Earl, Simon Gaines, Owen Modglin

Shoalsmore stats
Spencer Stevens301000
Nic Spurgeon210010
Carson Shaw200001
Ayden Stiles201101
Jamison Coy100010
Braden Lents100010
Keegan Beardon200002
Jamer Potts200002
Bryson Holt100010

BattingTB: Ayden Stiles, Spencer Stevens
RBI: Ayden Stiles
FC: Nic Spurgeon
GIDP: Nic Spurgeon
TotalsTeam QAB: 8 (40.00%)
Ayden Stiles, Nic Spurgeon 2, Jamison Coy, Braden Lents, Keegan Beardon, Jamer Potts, Bryson Holt

Team LOB: 4FieldingE: Ayden Stiles, Carson Shaw 2, Jamer Potts

Mitchellmore stats
Ashton Luman5.073. 548211640
Totals5.073. 548211640

PitchingW: Ashton Luman
WP: Ashton Luman
Pitches-Strikes: Ashton Luman 73-40
Groundouts-Flyouts: Ashton Luman 4-3
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Ashton Luman 9-20

Shoalsmore stats
Jamison Coy4.087. 71310113912
Nic Spurgeon1.020. 700222001
Totals5.0107. 71012135913

PitchingL: Jamison Coy
WP: Jamison Coy 2
Pitches-Strikes: Nic Spurgeon 20-14, Jamison Coy 87-62
Groundouts-Flyouts: Nic Spurgeon 2-1, Jamison Coy 1-1
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Nic Spurgeon 4-5, Jamison Coy 19-27