Wanted man arrested after pulling a knife on officers

GREENE CO. – On Wednesday at 4:15 p.m. a caller informed the Greene County Sheriff’s Department that a wanted man was in a red SUV with a female drier in the area of Shady Lane and Meadows Drive in Greene County.

The man in the vehicle was Lloyd Turpin who was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear on charges of intimidation of a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, and refusal to aid an officer. He was also wanted on a parole warrant through the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Lloyd Turpin

The caller reported the driver was in a red 1999 Kia Sportage and was driving around the neighborhood and provide police with the license plate.

At approximately 4:30 p.m., Deputy Sergeant Jordan Allor arrived in the area and was alerted that the caller reported the red SUV was now traveling south on Greene County Line Road toward North State Road 45.

Sgt. Allor pulled into the parking lot of Greene County Chapel and then observed the SUV traveling from Monroe County toward Greene County on North State Road 45 at a low rate of speed. The SUV then stopped in the middle of the roadway. Sgt. Allor activated his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop.

The SUV then turned into a driveway in Monroe County and was attempting to back out of the driveway when the officer blocked the vehicles from doing so.

Lloyd Turpin was the front-seat passenger. Due to Turpin’s previous threats to law enforcement and officer safety information obtained about Turpin, the officer drew his service pistol and ordered Turpin out of the vehicle.

Turpin opened the vehicle’s door and began yelling at Sgt. Allor. He told the officer “he was not going to talk to him like that and he was going to the hospital”.

Sgt. Allor attempted to speak to Turpin but he would “talk over the officer and not listen”.

Turpin then reached into the glovebox of the vehicle and pulled out a knife. He was ordered to drop the weapon.

Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy Caleb Sipes arrived on the scene to assist.

Officers then attempted to get Turpin’s mother out of the vehicle. She was the driver. She was ordered out of the vehicle and told to work toward the officers. She got out of the vehicle and against law enforcement’s orders walked to the front of the vehicle instead of walking to the officers. She said several times that Turpin needed to go to the hospital.

Greene County Sheriff George Dallaire arrived on the scene and escorted Turpin’s mother away from the vehicle. Sheriff Dallaire then ordered Lloyd to exit the vehicle. Turpin told Sheriff Dallaire that he was
not going to and threatened to stab himself in the stomach. Sheriff Dallaire broke the rear passenger window out of the vehicle and Sgt. Allor deployed his TASER striking Turpin.

Turpin dropped the knife and was removed from the vehicle through the driver’s door by Deputy Sipes.

Turpin was searched and detained. A syringe was found in Turpin’s pocket. He was transported to the Greene County General Hospital and medically cleared and then transported to the Greene County Jail.

Assisting at the scene were Monroe County Sheriff’s Department deputies and Greene County Ambulance Service.